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This Community-Effort Backyard Brooklyn Wedding Comes Together in Less Than a Week

“I’ve reached out to Stephanie Popowski, Head of Customer Experience at Mociun, to discuss a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that Rob and I both love, and I asked, given our circumstances, which of their Was it possible to speed up their adjustment process by four to six weeks. Luckily, they were able to,” recalls Ashley, adding: “At first, I thought we were going to get engaged and then wed at the town hall, but then I remembered Rob’s sarcastic comment from a few months ago.” By chance, the couple recently moved into a new apartment in a classic Brooklyn brownstone with a backyard. “Rob said, ‘Hey, what if we got married in the backyard?'” Ashley recalls. “We had been discussing marriage for a while at that point, but I didn’t take the idea of ​​a backyard wedding too seriously; it looked lovely, sure, but maybe not the most practical. But at that moment, at the cancer hospital Rob Bedside, Brooklyn backyard wedding seemed like the perfect idea. Rob called my parents and asked for their blessing, and we hit the ground running.”

The Ashley and Rob’s wedding was planned with lightning speed, a true testament to the power of community. After Ashley sent a text message to a close friend announcing what she called “‘fuck it, we’re getting married!'”. Party,” said Rob’s law school classmate Shina Bharadwaja — who dabbled in wedding planning before turning to law — volunteering her services, helping with rental furniture, fabrics, lighting, and all the other details of a backyard wedding that might seem small .(Until you actually plan one, that is.)

Ashley points out that weddings went from dream to reality in large part because of her friends’ willingness to bring their various talents to bear. “Rob’s law school professor, Alexis J. Hoag-Fordjour, paid event designer Pejy Kash to decorate our apartment with the most beautiful floral arrangements,” she explains. , and recommended Marcey Brownstein Catering for our reception Services provided. Rob’s friend Kim Nguyen drew and designed our invites. My friend Sara Hinkley, costume coordinator for TV and film, came to our apartment to help modify my husband’s favorite suit, No Longer Fit due to weight loss My friend Amy Rose Spiegel took me for a manicure, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you’re taking care of yourself every day and commuting between your Brooklyn apartment and your Upper East Side apartment, a little pampering means All week, friends have come to help organize our apartment, fetch booze, decorate, and get ready for our family wedding.”



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