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This Feather Soft Mattress Makes Me Feel Like I'm Sleeping in the Clouds

Sleep is one of the most important things to me and most people. If I don’t get a good night’s sleep, it could ruin my day. When it comes to the best mattress for my sleep, I need it to be a soft mattress. I can’t sleep on a medium or firm mattress (trust me, I tried). My family calls me The Princess and the Pea because I can feel everything around me and it keeps me awake at night. I am also a very hot sleeper. I keep my apartment at a cool 65 degrees every night with the overhead fan constantly moving. The worst feeling in the world is sleeping hot. When I was asked to test the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Soft and Cooling Mattress, it was a match made in heaven! I jumped at the chance to test it out, and now you can read the full review to see if it works for you.

If you don’t know what type of mattress you need, Brooklyn Bedding has a handy Buying guide is here.

How I Tested

I just moved into a new apartment in a new City, my old mattress needs a serious upgrade. I’m pretty used to my mattress cover (I’m not kidding when I say I need softness) so it’s a little sad to see it go away, but I’m ready for something new. I’ve been sleeping on the Aurora Hybrid for about two months now and it’s a dream.

Unboxing and setting up the mattress

When the mattress arrived, I quickly realized I couldn’t move it myself. I’m single and living alone so this proved to be a challenge. I had to recruit my brother-in-law and sister, fortunately living nearby. It’s a full workout even for three people – this mattress is heavy. (The website says it can be anywhere from 70 to 145 lbs, depending on the size you choose.) I opened the plastic bag around the mattress and I’m glad I got help. I needed the three of us again to turn the mattress upside down.

Risk Free Trial Period

Some consumers may be hesitant to buy a mattress in a box. Since you can’t test their mattress ahead of time, Brooklyn Bedding offers you a 120-night risk-free trial.

Sleep Quality

I slept hot and light , and then I woke up that continued throughout the night, which resulted in a lot of grumpy mornings. I was also walking around in my sleep. I start on one side but keep flipping back and forth. I have thyroid disease and it is cold most of the day but too hot most of the night. Basically, if the temperature of the room is not ideal, or the firmness of the mattress is not ideal, I can’t sleep. So how does the Aurora Hybrid perform? Not only did it check all the boxes, but it exceeded my expectations for staying cool and sleeping comfortably.

Support and Comfort

The Aurora Hybrid has a two-inch layer of TitanFlex in a one-inch layer of gel memory foam Create a cloud-like feeling. This helps the mattress fit my body when I sleep on my side. It gives you the feeling of being hugged by the mattress, but also provides support for your back and hips. When I sleep on a medium or firm mattress, I feel like someone ripped my back into a million pieces, but the soft layers of the Aurora Hybrid make me wake up refreshed and ready for the day.



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