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This guy works out 700 days a day and shares what he's learned

YouTuber Craig Benzine, aka WheezyWaiter, has been tackling various health and nutrition challenges for several years, including Use a different sleep schedule, try “laughter yoga,” and quit drinking, sugar, and coffee. One of his longstanding projects is exercising every day, and as he nears the two-year mark, Benzine reflects on what he’s learned from 700 consecutive workouts.

Once he started exercising regularly, Benzine quickly realized that he had three main misconceptions about fitness. First, you have to be “ready” to work out, have an expensive gym membership or home workout equipment, or it’s too complicated, or you’re not fit enough to start exercising (this creates a logical loop because if you don’t start, how do you become Healthier?).

“The truth is, you’re ready now,” recalls Benzine, who initially insisted on doing it anywhere Simple bodyweight workouts, and it wasn’t until he got the hang of them that he started buying some equipment to make his at-home workouts more challenging. “Maybe just find something simple,” he said, “do a little bit every day and see how it makes you feel.”

The second biggest misconception, Benz recalls That said, exercising is boring, unpleasant and uncomfortable. “Yes, it doesn’t always feel good, and you may feel sore, especially early in your workout or when you’re pushing yourself farther than you used to,” he says. “But now that I’m at my current level, I’m mostly trying to maintain and it doesn’t hurt and actually feels good.” As for the argument that it’s boring? It’s up to you. Benzine says his workout is actually the only time of day he has a chance to catch up on podcasts and TV.

The third misconception, and perhaps the biggest one that holds people back from fitness, is that exercise is for a certain “type” of people. “Exercise doesn’t define you,” says Benzine. “I don’t care about the competitive side of it, I don’t even care about the numbers…For me, it’s like meditation, working harder.”

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