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This huge social mistake is also the secret behind making content that appeals to customers

I think I had a great conversation and made amazing new connections. Then my wife pointed out that I was wrong. Instead, I made the oldest web mistake in the book – which turned out to be a brilliant technique for creating great content.

How did I screw this up? I talk about myself most of the time because I’m so excited. Funny, I could swear I was asking questions most of the time. I thought the other party was amazing, but it turns out they barely said anything.

Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, and leveraging that is the secret to creating compelling content, converting, and getting people engaged.

Self-centered content doesn’t work unless you’re super famous.

Like talking about yourself personally throughout the conversation, when you produce content that focuses on you, other people are less interested. The difference is that online they’re just scrolling through your content or hitting the back button instead of desperately looking for a way to escape the conversation.

However, the natural tendency is to create content around what you have done, achieved or are doing. It’s fun for you because it’s your life, and if it’s fun for you, other people should find it fun too. But everyone else is thinking about themselves, their needs, what they want, or how they feel, and you’re not that important.

Flip the script and cater to your readers.

So the easiest way to create content that people are always engaged and highly interested in is to make it reader-oriented. The funny thing is that when you create content that first focuses on what matters to your readers, they end up liking you more for the same reason I think I had a great conversation: the subject is that I and other people are listening .

Your top question should be: How can I help readers make their lives easier, share their emotions, or fulfill their needs or wants? Doing so creates a pull behind what you’re doing and hoping to achieve, whether it’s closing a deal or building a following.

Contents of three efficient ways to produce results.

  1. Answer their most pressing questions with unique insights.
  2. Create content that supports their arguments, opinions, and marketing strategies.
  3. Solve their problems without any requirement.

Google is the most visited website on the planet because it does Great: Helping people find answers to their questions. When someone has a question, they actively seek out things that directly relate to them. By creating content that answers these questions, by default you are creating content that they are very interested in. Do this while offering unique insights that others haven’t shared before and you’ve created a following.

My favorite content creation tactic is creating content that supports my readers’ arguments and opinions, especially if they use it to market and sell their stuff. Writing articles that help others sell will cause them to share your posts, cite your content (giving you expert authority), and do it enthusiastically as they build.

This means more sharing, more exposure, and being seen as a true thought leader because you are actively cited. This exposure means you have more followers and ultimately more sales for you. Plus, because it’s someone else pointing your way, you’ll instantly become more trustworthy.

Finally, simply solve other people’s problems directly. The solution to the problem might be to provide information, guidance, tools or practical work. For example, providing journalists with insights and expertise without expecting mentions or links. It could also be doing work for someone and simply recording it as you do it.

Solving a major problem with a relatively small job to you creates something beyond trust. It creates a situation where the people you help are usually so happy about it that they recommend and promote your heavy lifting as much as possible – without even asking you to.



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