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This latex mattress is comfortable, supportive and eco-friendly

Having spent most of my adult life using old mattresses from previous tenants, I ended up being forced to upgrade my sleeping arrangements by moving across borders. As someone who suffers from a lot of impatience and quite a bit of decision paralysis, I immediately opted for one manufacturer’s one-size-fits-all option for all-in-one beds – there weren’t many mattresses at the time – mail-in options were available anyway, department stores And the seemingly more luxurious options in the traditional mattress mall are definitely beyond my budget. That affordable mattress was delivered straight to my studio apartment, rolled up and tucked into a box almost as tall as me, I unrolled it myself, sweating a little, but without much effort, continue me life.

However, over the past few years I have come to realize the importance of finding a mattress that really fits my specific needs Sex. Buying a mattress for the first time has benefited me a lot, but I’ve probably been dealing with chronic back pain for longer than I should, something I could have avoided if I had thought about my options more carefully. So being able to test out several mattress styles over the past few years has really helped me identify which features in my mattress help me get a good night’s sleep – and hopefully help you too.

How I Tested

After about 2 months of using the Awara Premier Natural Hybrid Mattress (Large Size) ), I have addressed some of the pros and cons about mattresses. Read on to learn more about my experience sleeping on the Avara Premier Natural Hybrid mattress. I evaluated the mattress against SELF’s testing criteria, as detailed in their mattress buying guide.

Sleep quality

I travel frequently between two regular locations, so for a few weeks, I Had the opportunity to sleep on three different mattresses all the time. I slept well on all of them, including the Awara, which is the softest of the three (both rated as a medium-hard hybrid, meaning they contain a traditional layer of spring coils under the foam layer, latex or other materials).

As a side sleeper, I like the softness of the memory foam to support me Tempurpedic mattress, but the Avara Premier Natural Hybrid mattress is also a nice luxury experience with its individually wrapped coil springs covered with a latex and soft organic fleece outer layer. It may be ideal for side sleepers who need support and cushioning to help avoid the dreaded dead arm or pain of all kinds.


Plush hats are really key here; it’s an add-on option that will set you back an extra $400, but I do Recommend it, or if you sleep next to you like me, you can invest in a separate mattress cover. I was actually surprised by the comfort of this mattress – even though it was rated medium firm by many reviewers, I found it very springy and at first worried it was too soft for me. It doesn’t seem to hold its shape very well. For example, when I sat on the edge, I almost slipped. But if you like a bed that’s easy to move on, the bounce is great. And I never had any hip or lower back pain during testing. I do experience some upper back pain, but it happens intermittently with every mattress I’ve ever slept on. You may also experience this if you frequently sleep with one arm in a curled fetal side position. However, it only happens occasionally and less often than other mattresses I’ve tried.


I mainly test this mattress during heat waves, so I may not have the most useful data for this section. I try to avoid using the air conditioner at night because I’m usually too cold and distracted by the noise of the equipment in the window (it’s messy, but a lot of us are there!). If I don’t have a quilt and always use a thick quilt, I’m prone to colds even in a heat wave. So I definitely sweat at night. Unlike a memory foam mattress, however, this mattress from Awara doesn’t seem to make you hot.



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