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This Michelin-Starred Chef Wore a Berlin Underground Designer to Her Laid-back Mallorca Wedding

Dalad wore a wedding dress by Nhu Doung, an underground Swedish-Vietnamese designer living in Berlin, who fitted it with the help of her tailor, Loic Gro. During one of their fittings, Doung suggested an emoji “heart” cut out on the back—Dalad liked the edgy feel of it, given her desire for an unconventional wedding aesthetic. With the help of her bridesmaid and stylist Nausheen Shah, she paired the gown with a pair of custom white satin Attico wedges by the brand’s co-founder and her other bridesmaid Designed by Giorgia Tordini. In jewelry, she wore a simple diamond bracelet from her mother and a diamond ring from her grandmother. In the end, she tries to go without makeup as much as possible and lets her hair air dry after a morning shower. (“I’m so relaxed,” the bride said.)

Dalad also had her bridesmaids walk the aisle with her in suits. “I chose to break the tradition of having one man give his bride to another man,” she explained. “I want my friends, my sisters of choice, to walk with me. There is nothing stronger than sisterhood, and to that end, I have my sisters wear suits to celebrate our power as women ’” Nausheen wore a vintage Saint Laurent suit, Giorgia wore her own The Attico design, and Vicen opted for Celine.

On the big day, Dalad and Geoffrey performed two ceremonies. The first is a traditional Thai ceremony in which the groom and his wedding party must pass through a symbolic “gate” to reach the altar. “Every door brought tests and challenges to test his eternal love,” Dalad explained. “York, New York”—an ode to Dalad’s time in the city—and a tribute to Hell. An ode to the edge. The second door sees Geoffrey surrounded by their friends’ kids, which makes him reenact the scene from Frozen

At the third gate, Dallard’s Berlin girlfriends playfully play bodyguards for the notorious club Berghain, looking him up and down to see if he can “go in”. When he reaches the final gate, Geoffrey is caught Asked to dance, swear his love to Dallard in Thai – and do a minute plank.

while Geoffrey is busy proving his allegiance in Mallor Dallard and her bridesmaids wait in Sunru’s room in the hot Cal sun. The crowd can be heard cheering as they get ready — and when they reach climax, Dallard knows it’s time to put on Her heels left. “When they went through the last door, everyone from all the doors came together and was so excited to see me and reunite me with him,” she recalls. “When everyone The drums went on and on while all were shouting my name and cheering me on. When I walk out with all my chosen sisters and bridesmaids, the energy is amazing and priceless. “



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