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This new French film is a love letter to women without children

Both she and Roschdy Zem are sexy in this regard, which seems almost groundbreaking at their age.

Those two actors have a special chemistry. He’s in his 40 and she’s in hers 40 and we can tell their bodies know how to get pleasure This is not their first time. Usually Roschdy Zem is paired with a year old woman in a movie. When a couple reaches a certain level of maturity, they become sexually attracted to each other, and the audience can feel that.

And both of them are nude, which is still uncommon in movies.

I want to play naked. She’s naked in a sort of comedic scene, and he’s super sexy, like women usually do.

Various cultures and backgrounds are shown in the movie. Is it intended to represent a multicultural Paris?

Actually I want to do more. It’s part of my life. I filmed a TV series called Savages [in 2019] about the French first An Arab president – is, of course, fictional – and I thus excavate the responsibility for these statements. But with this, I want Roschdy to be in the movie, he’s been in the project since the beginning, because we’re supposed to adapt a novel about male impotence. And not making it a talking point – he’s Arab and she’s Jewish – can also be a political statement. When you choose extras, the characters around them, it’s always a statement.

Speaking of Rachel being Jewish – why is it important to show that?

It doesn’t matter, it’s easier for me. I’m a lazy bitch. [Chuckles.] It is much easier for me to understand from within Jewish culture. The biggest challenge in the film is documenting a year in her life, feeling a year of feelings, after which she might decide, “I’m not going to have another child.” As a Jewish girl, September has Yom Kippur and Jewish New Years is also the day when students go back to school, so it creates the perfect start to the year, a new beginning.

The film raises a question about transmission. It has nothing to do with whether it is the biological mother or not. It has nothing to do with mom, dad, or family. It’s about the marks we leave on the world. You will be remembered even if you have no children. Yes, it’s a lot like being Jewish.




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