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This ‘Priscilla’ Accessory Is Still Popular in 2023

Throughout Priscilla Beaulieu’s schoolgirl days in Sofia Coppola’s new movie based on the star, she wears a gold heart-shaped locket on a black ribbon around her neck. The symbol of her fiery, juvenile love for Elvis feels like Coppola’s nod to teen girls’ timeless capacity for yearning (this is the woman who snuck a pair of Chuck Taylors into Marie Antoinette, after all). It’s a reminder of her blooming romance, even when he’s offscreen. As Priscilla floats down the halls, it’s Elvis that’s on her mind. 

But the real Priscilla did indeed wear one herself. While she rocked the look in the ’60s, the chunky pendant was revived in the ’90s by Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Valentino, and Givenchy, among others. They fell off around the turn of the millennium, but in spring 2022, Saint Laurent revived their silver talisman, and Prada launched their fine jewelry collection, Eternal Gold, with an oversized puffy gold heart on a black ribbon. In 2023, a new generation of stars have fallen in love with the heart motif, including Rihanna, Doja Cat, and Diana Silvers. 

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A24, Priscilla’s distributor, has capitalized on the trend’s 2023 resurgence, partnering with Los Angeles-based jewelry brand J. Hannah to create a commemorative Priscilla locket inspired by Presley’s real-life necklace. But it’s no regular movie merch. While the back of the heart is engraved with “Priscilla” and the J. Hannah logo, its outside is left blank so that the owner may make it their own, as Presley did with hers. (While it may be a logical conclusion that she kept a picture of Elvis in hers, it is believed that it actually contained a photo of her father.)  

But a $1,280 necklace isn’t exactly affordable for most teens, like the young Presley, who need a space to house their burning loves and desires. But, like all trends, it has trickled down to mass retailers that cater more to teen girls (and their limited budgets) like Urban Outfitters, Mango, and Amazon, as well as the higher quality Catbird, Gorjana, and Mejuri. No matter the price point, everyone can wear their heart outside their chest. 



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