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This Therapist Shares How The Mother-Daughter Relationship Affects Leadership

Candyce “Ce” Andeson, MS, LPC is healing relationships and trauma through therapy.

Michael Mueller

Mental health awareness has received a lot of attention over the past few years. However, some people still cannot find the help they need, especially if they want to connect with a therapist of the same racial or ethnic background. Of the 198,811 therapists currently employed in the United States, 4.1% are Black or African American. Not to mention operating your own practices.

Candyce “Ce” Anderson, a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Revita Therapy & Wellness, is paving the way for black therapists in the South. Through her private practice, she is helping others deliver therapeutic services in an integrated approach while providing proven holistic and spiritual practice – one area of ​​focus is the dynamics of the mother-daughter relationship and how it affects women as leaders.

“I’m not saying everything, but it could happen that the injured mother or the injured daughter re-enacts their interactions with that family member in the office, “So for the people who work with them, it’s a subconscious attempt at problem-solving. So if I can recreate that dynamic here, I have more control; if I can be with my mother or my daughter and I can act and do things like I do. So there is this subconscious desire to fix it. Sometimes, they don’t even realize they’re doing it. They find colleagues who trigger them, A supervisor or subordinate. There is some empathy there and it starts all over again. Then they wonder why their work environment is so bad. This dynamic is likely to play out again.”

During college, Anderson had a professor who made her feel noticed. He said, “Your stories are valid, even if they’re not validated by others.” In that moment, she knew psychology was the right path for her. Originally, she worked for a nonprofit organization that served abused women and children before joining the group practice.

She was upset because she There is no autonomy over client procedures and action plans. After a black woman couldn’t get the help she needed, Anderson decided it was time to start her own practice, serving clients in the way she saw fit. During the epidemic, she officially started her own business.

Becoming a psychotherapist has been therapy for Anderson, healing her past trauma through domestic violence and sexual assault. Through her own experience, she can relate to people more deeply. As her practice developed, she realized the need for a plan to address the mother-daughter relationship.

Some of the dynamics she assesses are jealousy between mother and daughter. For example, a mother may feel her daughter owes her for simply owning or raising her. Or the daughter may feel ostracized by the mother, as if there is some competition between them. Another situation is when a mother tries to substitute her daughter for life. So she puts a lot of pressure on her daughter to succeed and make decisions that match her mother’s dreams.

Candyce “Ce” Anderson, MS, LPC Diving Go deep into self-love and self-care and love yourself …… [+]

    refers to departure from the superficial norms of society.

Michael Mueller

“I would remind them to pay attention to their personality very well-intentioned actions of specific people who are internalized and internalized,” she advises. “So if I was walking down the hall this morning and Jane passed me and I talked to her and she didn’t say anything, I might start to feel something. But maybe Jane was focusing on other things, or not even looking To me. But I take it as a personal slight… They start to personalize and internalize these very benign things because they are very purposeful. They are thinking and telling themselves about this person [ their colleagues] as they believed in their mother or daughter.”

Anderson also shared, “To lead effectively, a leader must have an ego Awareness. So they need a very high level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. A big part of that is knowing that I can separate myself from the people I work with and get the job done. I can put the task on any personal issue. If there is a person The problem, I’m self-aware enough to understand that and seek resonance elsewhere; whether it’s a therapist or a conflict resolver. Essentially, these types of things come back to us in a certain way or shape or form Be around. So recovery starts from the first, being able to take responsibility and not blame anyone or anyone – know your past.”

Focus on these basic steps: Fundamentally understand your reason. Rotating just for pivot won’t help you. Knowing why will guide you better. Research exceeds The product or service you want to offer. What are the current industry trends? What do you need to be successful in this field? Give in to the process. Your ideas or visions of how things should go or come to fruition don’t necessarily come to pass. You have to be flexible on the go. There are a million ways to succeed, not just one.

“My job is my love letter to the black collective in support of people who look like me and have very similar experiences in this world,” Anderson concluded. “I support them in getting help, but also the health they need and deserve; providing access in a way that is relevant and affirming to their life experiences.”

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Updated August 2022 – Counselor ;Psychotherapist

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