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This Week in Anime – Best Anime Award goes to…

What’s the point of anime awards other than arguing over whether or not your favorite is a finalist? Chris and Nicky discuss the merits of various fan and industry award shows.

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Nicky, we put up with a lot in Anime of the Week. From bad shows to Netflix scheduling dumps, we stick around for the column itself. If you ask me, for all our troubles, I think we should be rewarded. Nicky

Although I agree Being able to wade through countless series for the benefit of our beloved readership is a worthy achievement, and if it means I don’t have to go out in front of hundreds of people, I’m more than content to remain grateful for my hard work Lover, and fight the final boss level fight with my own severe stage fright.

But maybe they can mail it to us? That would be fine.

understandable. I personally never really liked the whole awards show format. I’m clearly in the minority though, because over the past few years we’ve had several academies and organizations spring up each year to recognize what should constitute the objective “best” of animation for a given year.

This isn’t the first time Crunchyroll has put out its own Anime Oscars (not referring to it), that’s for sure It won’t be the last time. This year, they happened to be live in Tokyo and did a live broadcast. The full ceremony is available on Crunchyroll’s official YouTube

channels. Tries to emulate other established And the highly recognized film, animation awards are nominated by a series of judges in a series of categories, such as best animation, best character design and so on. The top six were compiled into a list for vote by the judges and the public.

Obviously, the judges still carry a fair amount of weight compared to the general public, and can make things feel a bit more formal than a glorified yearbook contest that would otherwise be too easy for a series with the largest fanbase Flood your inbox like any other voting contest. (Full details here.)

I think it’s a good balance when it comes to these things. I’ve never been too keen on things like the Academy Awards confining decision-making to vague group choices. Having public opinion for at least part of the process makes something like the Anime Awards more useful in discussing the current climate of popularity for different series.

In other words, Crunchyroll Anime Awards since ; Still fine-tuning the program. In particular, categories of things are all over the place, especially in terms of identifying types and what is “important” in them. For some shows a lot seems to overlap to sweep categories like Won both Best Action and Best Fantasy awards.

I feel like the way they compile the nominations among the judges has to follow the law of averages where the most popular shows go in and the smaller niches Series More could be snubbed regardless of whether that was the intention or not. Anime is a super diverse and prolific medium, so it’s impossible to expect judges to watch every show. This has always been an issue in fan awards. Even the Oscars struggled with this because so few voters actually watched most of the movies.

On the niche side, I’m at least happy to see my beloved Birdie Wing nominated for Best Original Anime. Even if I lose to my equally beloved person, I am easily more popular.
on the other hand, ? Really, guys? Everything about the fall season was also omitted, a decision I can’t argue with given the timing as most were still on air when the nominations were compiled, but nonetheless give us That leaves a fairly weak squad. Most of this year’s big hits have been saved for the fall, and questions have been raised as to whether those titles will qualify for proper recognition next year.

Funny how a lot of people thought the fall exclusion rule was to stop the anime from sweeping everything, and in hindsight we now know that’s more likely to achieve that. Not that the anime awards were undisturbed, as after a night dominated by and the most important talking point was taking away the AOTY Awards.

I mean, of all the options out there, it would have been my choice, but still.

I’m not too concerned with the specific results. I already know that my taste will not agree with many people. If people are happy that their show won, good for them! I think a lot of anime deserves recognition.

Outside of Japan, anime’s achievements are rarely recognized. There are no anime films nominated for Oscars this year. Even the much smaller anime-centric Annies don’t have much anime flair, and Tonko House Co-pro is the biggest name, despite producing hundreds of games a year. It speaks to a wider issue of how we approach the arts at an international level, with awards seen by many as a sign of prestige and a recommendation.

To his credit, Annies also recognized the Edgerunners. Although if they were to nominate best storyboard, I’d go for Episode 6 of Kai Ikarashi, not just the premiere. But what do I know. There are a lot of great titles here, and I’m glad to see them recognized, but trying to determine what constitutes animation, both animation and this large part of the media landscape Needs a lot that can only come from the inside of a dedicated baseball Otaku , most of them don’t necessarily work directly in animation, TV or film.

Similar reasons are probably why other award arrangements for dedicated anime fan outlets have popped up in recent years. So we got things like Reddit’s r/anime Awards from 640.

The pages they put together are really nice and, personally, faster. They provide detailed articles for each nominee and winner. It feels more like a “best of” list from a review agency, where you take the time to understand why the people behind them made their decisions.

Other anime communities also have their own ratings. MAL has always prided itself on its user ratings, and I tend to focus on Anime Trending, which has its own awards as well.

I love gazing at these metrics just to see what’s going on somewhere, but I can’t say I consider any of them to be an authority on taste, since any single anime community is unlikely to be represented Anime fans as a monolith. As one of the largest anime-only streaming platforms, CR may be able to cast a wider net than a single subreddit, but even it isn’t immune to engagement issues.

I appreciate the work done by Anime Trending. On Twitter in particular, I spend most of my time interacting with visible communities and reactions (for now…). It’s useful to see how things change with the seasons, and it’s also fun to see your favorite anime turn dark horse favorites. Both Anime Trending and Reddit Awards finally proved me right about what would have happened if Crunchy had allowed it Bocchi enters the field. 187796 Hey, if I don’t mention our own Reader’s Weekly Rankings and our extremely strong Best of the Year 400 The list is editorialized on ANN by all the lovely people.

If you haven’t read it you better read it because we are always pouring our hard work blood, sweat and tears so that you guys can know what is one in a million!

In terms of broad decision making, I think I’d really prefer the fan vote option over the more isolated academy/committee/juror thing . This better reflects which entries became fashion trendsetters across audiences.

In the meantime, not to be too partial, but a best-of-the-best list like ours has a lot more stuff I like to see in a personalized shot. Basically, just tell me what’s your personal favorite time of year.

I agree it’s a lot of fun celebrating with your fans, but we’re not going to fill up the entire venue just to tell everyone I think they should be paying attention , what about people outside our circle? Not everyone who watches anime is “plugged in” like we are. Awards are also a way to reach a wider audience, and maybe that’s part of why just having confirmation bias isn’t that interesting to me.

This is a fair point. Anime has penetrated the mainstream enough that many people know about, and may have even seen, things like , , and . However, for all our jokes about #BOCCHISWEEP, there are a lot of people who watch and love these shows who still don’t know what a Bocchi is.

So, the most famous streaming service in Crunchyroll from a glitzy stage at least Broadcasting to give nominal attention to something like Birdie Wing could be a meaningful endeavor.

Even though the broadcast in question in this case is a Japan-centric event, its live broadcast occurs in the early hours of the morning in the Americas region of the world.

Encouraging people to participate or hype doesn’t seem like a good idea, but it might be better for actual industry people if they can claim the award in person . It’s a weird middle point where I don’t feel like the CR Awards have received enough recognition or input from the industry to be considered an authority on anime as a technical craft, but I also don’t feel like there’s enough reward or votership as judges. Even when I vote, I feel overwhelmed because I’m not interested in nominating, it’s a whole “another process”.

I’ve heard people who have attended Crunchyroll award shows in the past say this It was a fun night, at least. As a enjoyer of social situations, I can see it. But the whole “show” definitely feels like it: a show with authority and importance, maybe more to the investors and production committee Crunchyroll Fans who are engaged now are more likely to benefit from existing knowledge. Either way, we don’t have to wait for a bunch of suits to hit the stage to let people know how cool anime is. Break the silence and make your voice heard! Speak up for the things you want to be appreciated for. Tell us about your own anime nomination and why. Comment what you think of our new column format, and don’t forget to show love to the best people in your life every day!

It’s nice to see media recognition, something like an Oscar can be evaluated to include more regular anime nominations. Still the only anime film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and that was in 640! Definitely deserves a nod here if I have more hits here because it can’t be anymore The franchise features more than Shrek spin-off sequels. I’d personally wear the hat for more people to see, I’m always happy to see what’s in front of the unlikely eyeball, like when it’s endured Standard Channel Not long ago. As some might complain, it’s pretty neat to see people who don’t usually keep up with anime by seasons talking about it, and if we continue to celebrate the best things about anime, we can see more of these everyday, rather Not just one big thing.

Until then, even if you’re not at the big celebration yourself, there’s no denying that seeing major anime fans and others discussing it can be a fun conversation starter. The possibilities are mind-blowing: if paired with cyberpunk360
to bring home gold on the biggest night in the business, maybe there is hope for all of us.

Maybe they should call the so-called upcoming re-release of the game Anime of the Year.




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