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This week in the game – emotions run high

Welcome back everyone! Seems like spring gave us a miss and we just skipped straight to summer. This suits me and I’ve been enjoying an outdoor lunch in the sun for the past week. But I know many people can’t accept the above temperature 38 degrees Fahrenheit, so I hope you all stay hydrated and safe while torturing the Koroks.

Xenoblade News? Yes! Not much to say other than Ashera is great. It’s disappointing that with so many fascinating characters in this game, so few of them get any kind of positive discussion. Or fanart. But I digress.

This is…

Neverrealm Studios revealsMortal Kombat 1 (Just Go With It)

After weeks of teasing on behalf of Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boone, last week we received a trailer for the latest entry in the long-running Mortal Kombat series. I’m fully expecting this to be revealed next week, but hey, show what I know!

Right now, the Mortal Kombat 1 title question. 560 ofMortal Kombat dropped the numbers (this is officially the ninthMortal Kombat game), now we have this which claims to be “the first ” Just like the Xbox One was the “first” Xbox. Executives will always find the absolute dumbest titles, I swear – remember that time when everything had “Resurrection” or “Apocalypse” added to the title? That said, I do understand the following decision: Mortal Kombat 1 happened in Mortal Kombat after, series protagonist Liu Kang as the ancient god of thunder and lightning watches over a timeline where his allies can live in peace. Then there was violence and then oh boy, was there violence…

I don’t want to give Joe Lieberman ) is commendable, but the violence of modern Mortal Kombat

games is problematic. On the one hand, it crosses the

edgy (but ultimately fanciful) Acts of Violence s Mortal Kombat character in the game explodes into multiple ribs and femurs shower or turn into an anteater, literally sucking another character. Violence in Mortal Kombat just the disturbing side, with too many lingering characters actively suffering footage of their skin peeling off or bones shattered in X-rays. It’s not just me: the violence is actively making it hard for two people and people playing it. For players, make any kind of video about MK Met

We already discussed Fuga The previous games; it’s worth exploring them further as they are tonally distinct from the otherLittle Tail Bronx games. A tragic series about a group of French-speaking cats and dogs trapped in a town-sized tank during a terrible war, the Fuga game lets you manage minors friends for life as you try to find a quiet place to live. All the while, you’re under attack from WWII-style military aircraft, some of which are “charmingly” named in direct reference to WWII, such as the Zyklon. And there’s a dark twist: your village of tanks has a superweapon that can annihilate anything in one shot… at the cost of the living soul of one of your friends. Predictably, both Fuga games weigh this decision when it comes to your many endings.

However, the rest of the Little Bronx Tail game isn’t that frustrating. Tail ​​Concerto tells the story of a young puppy named Waffle who dreams of becoming a great officer as he stops the Black Cats from unwittingly awakening a giant Iron Giant And destroyed their floating island nation. Thoughts on Tron Bonne’s Misadventures by and some

Mix in for seasoning. It’s a very short PS1 game, but it’s a lovely one–even now, the series still has some die-hard fans. Plus, the game is priced ridiculously high on the aftermarket.

and end concerto Much loved, it never became a smash hit, either critically or in terms of sales — much to the dismay of CyberConnect. So they’ve spent years making anime-based licensees to keep the lights on, like Hiroshi Matsuyama Try to recommend a sequel to Bandai. A sequel did eventually come out in the form of 2009

SoLaToRoBo: Red Hunter . Set in Neighboring Lands, you play as adventurer Red caught up in a world-spanning conspiracy involving ancient treasures, continent-destroying giants—and the aftermath of humanity’s destruction. There’s a lot going on in SoLaToRoBo; it has some very cozy vibes of an alternate earth anime, but its deeper story is about the cycle of war, imposed on innocents thousands of years into the future The victim’s legacy of sacrifice, and the beleaguered desire for peace would really hit hard. And: it’s an amazing DS game. While definitely very simple, it’s one of the funniest mech games: Red Ride On With his steampunk mech , Dahak, the game runs on an interesting fighting system, Where you can pick up, throw, swing, and other Stone Cold Stunners to stun your enemies for fun and profit. There are also plenty of fun mini-games, like fishing for giant cloud-dwelling hermit crabs with battleship shells, or satisfying air races. Sadly, SoLaToRoBo has extremely limited sales in the US; used copies can also hit triple figures. But for a while, the game broke records in another unique and fun way: ads!

Cyber​​Connect 2really like absolutecrap From the Little Bronx Tail series, so SoLaToRoBo featuring the record breaking one – One hundred TV shows. They’re all about world building! Each ad addresses some aspect of Red and his friends’ daily lives, from major political powers to how their toilet works. All of these are lovingly drawn by Nobuteru Yuuki, whose work also graces the Tail ​​Concerto. It’s a pity that many of these commercials are not translated as they are quite charming – again, this speaks to the love Matsuyama and company have for the series, they put so much thought into what is frankly almighty Make games on things.

This is mostly the appeal of the Little Tail Bronx game. On the surface, they’re charming and colorful, filled with lovable characters that instantly make you feel like your favorite TV character as a kid—you know the one, the one you owned the stuffed animal and absolutely loved Everywhere with you. On a deeper level, they may tackle sadder themes and wring out our heroes’ experiences, but they’re still well-crafted classics. I really hope people make sure to find some time to play these two Fuga games. I promise you, they will be unforgettable.

It’s been a while since we last heard about the Microsoft/Activision-Blizzard merger . When we last left, the UK Competition and Markets Authority banned the deal because it gave

There’s a little finesse to all of this. Most of the discussion about the Microsoft

acquisition only looks at the big picture : Microsoft acquires large assets like Call of Duty or Blizzard’s Backlog. But there’s another — and possibly bigger — part that people overlook: the king. This studio is responsible for some of the biggest mobile games on the market, chief among them being Candy Crush–a franchise worth $1.2 billion. And King is a subsidiary of Activision. While the CMA’s previous opposition focused on cloud gaming, Microsoft also made waves, Want to break into the mobile market. Kim will give them a huge foothold. According to the CMA’s decision, Microsoft can’t even invest in King. Here’s the key: this ensures that Microsoft cannot assume any interest in King, either explicitly by buying them or secretly “invest” in them.

Meanwhile, the EU has moved to approve the merger, citing

Meanwhile, Blizzard, as always, is doing its job and trying to find out by… let’s turn the wheel – aha, yes, announcing a Year 11 New BlizzCon later in the month. BlizzCon ] The following was cancelled, many (alleged) abuses took place at Blizzard HQ, from harassment to “frat-house-like behavior” to women who stole breast milk from the fridge .

Blizzard have earned themselves a reputation for making big announcements in an attempt to distract from their larger controversies, from mass layoffs to terminating the deal with NetEase in China, allowing them Countries publish their games. Lest we forget, 2009

Announcement*) Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 followed their highly critical treatment of streamer Blitzchung, who publicly expressed his support at the time – Hong Kong Ongoing protests.

…as I’m writing this I realize I almost forgot the breaking news of the many PVE features Blizzard announced Overwatch 2, which includes many single player sequences and skill trees for individual heroes – these are the main reasons why it is marketed as a selling point for Overwatch 2 it does not Might just be a new patch for the original Overwatch

…announced canceled. While we admit the difficulty of maintaining a live service game… omg you guys, you are your own worst enemy right now . For all we know, Blizzard will be forced to announce Diablo 5, Overwatch 3, and… ..I don’t know, StarCraft 3 ? It breaks my heart to think of the many people who actively work at Blizzard, genuinely care and believe in what they do, but are surrounded by so much active toxicity. At some point, you need to take a cue from Todd Chavez: “You need to be better.” Like, yeah, the cool thing is released DLC forXenoblade Chronicles 3

— but I haven’t heard of any News about the treatment of Nintendo

contractors, it didn’t make me happy.

🌈 2023 Blizzard Pride Collection in support of @transequality

📕 Learn more:

— Blizzard Entertainment (@Blizzard_Ent) May , 2019

You can sum it all up in relation to Blizzard’s big summer announcement: Ahead of Pride Month this June, Blizzard released a special t-shirt in support of the transgender community. Let’s ignore the obvious aspect of how the pink letters on the shirt conveniently spell “LIAR” because I don’t want my entire career to be “the guy who complains about Blizzard (I want my career to be” That Bitch™ What Simps for Izuna: Unemployed Ninja Legend who has yet to beat Xenoblade 3 Yet”). But announced t-in pride Supporting pride shirts a full fortnight before the month even starts, and when the companies exchange their rainbow-colored Twitter profile photos at midnight on July 1st, there’s already a lot of talk about rainbow marketing that doesn’t inspire the greatest confidence.

It would be great if in just five minutes, Blizzard was as great as people say it is.

Battlekid is back!

If you’re a fan of homebrew NES games…or if you enjoy seeing Game Grumps’

While Battlekid has had several limited physical releases in the past, including on the NES and Japan’s Famicom (with cover Artwork done by Treasure’s artist HAN, even!), and also released on

Nintendo feels like it was just yesterday since they didn’t have Enough of the backlash against indie games, they now host one of the most famous homemade NES titles on their storefront. While you can definitely play base Battlekid

for free on, see homebrew NES game reworked as a new Still addicting Nintendo consoles. This is the kind of story you never expect to see when it comes to the Big N. Though I do regret the loss of HAN’s Japan-exclusive art (which makes me yearn for a new Gunstar Heroes or Guardian Heroes), we can all look forward to this week’s Battlekid Switch launch. Hopefully no unsuspecting kids find themselves knocking on a brick wall, that’s the hard part of this game!

ORIGINAL Shantae Coming to PS4 and PS5

WayForward’s premier Shantae is coming to PS4 and PS5 June 2nd! It’s weird to see an ancient GameBoy Color game being ported to such a modern console, but Shantae is definitely worth the effort – especially for what it’s worth.

Shantae has a lot of history behind it. Shantae (the character) was originally proposed as an SNES platformer, designed by Matt and Erin Bozon; the husband-and-wife duo wanted to create a female platform heroine who was a capable heroine in her own right. (Plus, her ability to attack with a ponytail was inspired by the many times Matt Bozon accidentally got slapped by Erin’s ponytail.) Shantae‘ The idea however, that the game faces a troubled development: the whole 88s, many studios are against games starring female characters. Remember: While we give credit to games like Metroid or even Phantasy Star, female-led games are this90s. “Girl games” is a point of ridicule, although there are many important women in the games industry, such as Roberta Williams, Rieko “Phoenix Rie” Kodama or Yoko Shimomura. So, what better fit for Bozons’ studio than WayForward Technologies?

WayForward is named after the software company behind Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency with a wider understanding of their creation; after all , there’s a reason they call themselves “WayForward Technologies” and not “WayForward Games“. While WayForward is best known for making licensed games and software, it puts a lot of effort into licensed games that most other studios would just throw on the wind. Their early work included a lot of edutainment software for the PC, as well as a few games based on the Sabrina the Teenage Witch

– nonetheless, they did their best s hard work. WayForward will continue to have a reputation for making some really good licensed games, even with recent

Meanwhile, Shantae well-done. Her competitions are all well-received, an excuse for half-Lebanese Christina Valenzuela to flex her musical muscles as Santae herself, and more recently Shantae and the Seven Sirens There’s even an intro clip animated by Studio Trigger. WayForward is still making some hit games with stunning 2D animations and most recently co-produced the Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp series. Matt Bozon is still doing character art for WayForward; I hope he makes a Sigma Star Saga sequel someday. If not, hey, hope WayForward gets recognized and allowed to make Metroid games. Also: Shantae is a darling of the indie gaming world and has one of the happiest endings in the gaming industry. If you see the original Shantae in any storefront, give it a try: you’ll be delighted. Until then: look forward to the original game’s release on PS4 and PS5 on June 2.

Pac-Man 60 will be delisted

We are at

Unfortunately, for Pac-Man 88; Earlier this week, we received word that It will be delisted on October 8 this year. Plenty of time to buy the DLC pack on the Nintendo eShop, if you downloaded the game before it’s delisted, you Will be able to re-download it. But if you want the full experience, you’ll need to grab the DLC immediately before the game goes offline. Thankfully, there will be a way to play CPU games offline…but many are bemoaning the loss of this fun experience. Hope we get an update on Pac-Man 99 In the future.

Let’s wrap up with a little tidbit:

Sad news for fans of classic platformers: Last week it was announced that Brendan O’Brien, the original voice of Crash Bandicoot, has passed away. he is60 age. 198080 Fans of the classic shooter will be happy to know that the rights to the classicTriggerheart Exelica have now been acquired by Tokyo-based Acquired by Cosmo Machia. There’s no news yet about the release of the new game, but we’ll keep you posted! 198080

  • You rarely see a cross between roguelikes and Metroidvanias; Retro Forge’s Souldiers lets players Choose from one of three classes and explore a 2D world with tough bosses and tougher puzzles. The visuals alone are stunning, and it’s definitely worth seeing. 198080 Column Dear Atelier Ryza will launch its anime adaptation on June 1 this year, covering the series The first game, Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout . A trailer has streamed on Youtube; it looks like we’ve got the perfect summer anime to look forward to! 198080
  • Now is a great time to be a mech-fan! If Armored Core isn’t your speed, you can look forward to Hawken Reborn, a revival of the free-to-play beloved Mech – Shooter is offline at

    . It’s currently in Early Access on Steam. 198080 The final Guilty Gear -Strive- character has been revealed: Asuka, alias “The Man”, is returning Join the rest of the beasts! Renamed “Asuka R♯”, his cape has an amazing stellar effect inside. Now: Who will appear in the third wave of DLC…? 198080

    I think we can call it here ” Finish”. It’s been a week and we can all take a break. I hope Spring will finally be ready for me. I hope you are all well. Do me a favor and remember to stay in touch with your family, you’d be surprised how much having lunch with them on Sunday helps you. Be nice to each other and see you at seven.

    In game this week! Written by Jean-Karlo Lemus from idyllic Portland. When not working with AnimeNewsNetwork, Jean-Karlo plays JRPGs, eats popcorn, watches v-tuber and tokusatsu, and stays as inconspicuous as possible on his Twitter @mouse_inhouse. 198080 198080



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