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This week in the game – nominations go to…

Guys, I’m back from Kumoricon! Things are kind of weird at conventions, but it’s always great to mingle with cosplayers. I even got to have a good chat with some old fans! I’ve always worried that it’s easier to interact with random strangers at conferences than in everyday life, but I guess that’s what the internet is for. By the way, it’s nice to meet the artists of the items I bought years ago, and they glow when I show them that I still have their pins and keychains on my ita-bag.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 ? Xenoblade Chronicles 3 . I have to play, maybe half an hour. But there are some cool Xenoblade 3 cosplayers at Kumoricon! There’s a Eunie who’s happy to know that Taion is my favorite character, and a Noah who’s sadly only recognized by one other. We are out! We are a tight-knit community! We want to see Eunie completely crush Taion!

This is…

02 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

06 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is one of those games that I’m glad I got a second chance on. Originally released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, it saw a massive revival last spring with a Switch port. And rightfully so – it’s a very well written game, but very hard to talk about because its impact is largely up to you

to know absolutely nothing about it Or where it twists and turns . What fans agree on most, and what you can mention to newcomers, is that it’s a story about a group of high school kids who get together to pilot giant robots to battle monsters. Also, this is a Vanillaware game and the visuals are very stunning.

Vanillaware is also proud

13sentinel, which is why they host a YouTube stream in November

To commemorate its third anniversary, featuring several of the game’s Japanese voice actors. Officially, it’ll cover some special anniversary merchandise and check out some survey results that fans filled out (presumably “best character,” etc.).

It’s a dry thing, so I don’t think we can expect anything too surprising – but dreams are a good thing. Sequel to Sentinels will definitely cause Some people’s attention, but what’s really getting people into trouble? frenzy is a port announcement of another Vanillaware game. 04 Sentinel and

GrimGrimoire: Once More are all very timely re-posts (especially GrimGrimoire, which was unfortunately replaced by Odin Sphere overshadowed because both were released at the same time). But sadly, other Vanillaware titles are restricted to older generation consoles. if13 Sentinels can see success on Switch, I hope we all can watch To the same result Vanillaware’s other works. But it’s too early, I think…

New title comes in2010

A few months ago we introduced the . This is not good! And it’s not just me, because even though I mentioned that I’m going to play it, some of our dear readers made sure to let me know in the comments that it’s not a good game! I’m trying to give it the benefit of the doubt because I’ve been known to like things that other people don’t. But I still don’t like it! Maybe it’s my fault for falling into for later stories? I have no idea. The point is, it was a disappointing experience. There’s nothing like a new game to improve on your past mistakes!

titled : Last Recollection, this game was launched at the event What starts after: The virtual world Underworld is about to undergo its final stress test, and tensions between its virtual inhabitants and real-world humans are at their height, so Kirito and his friends need to bring things back into balance.

As you can see from the trailer, the combat is as gorgeous as ever; wish they were still using

Alicization Lycoris Combat and tweak it a bit; it has some really interesting mechanics and ideas, but the game never feels like it has tons of counters, overkills, or something you really matter. Combat is like a button masher: too loose and sloppy for a time-based combat system like Xenoblade Chronicles 3, for something like

is too structured for an action game like . Plus, if it wants to be an open-world game, it doesn’t need to trap the player in endless cutscenes and pace the story appropriately. Also, no gacha crap.

Angry Streets Films acquired by Lionsgate

As Lifetime Sega fans, it breaks my heart to see countless Sega games left in the dust.

Golden Ax,

Altered Beast,

Jet Set Radio , Space Channel 5, Ristar, Comix ZoneSega made these games obsolete, packaged them into countless Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Compilation. If the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie brings a whole bunch of )Sega based movie (maybe even a shared universe since everything needs a crossover these days), but considering how much time the folks at Paramount spent getting Sonic right… I’m not Hold your breath.

But it seems someone is listening, because last week we got an announcement that Lionsgate has acquired

Streets of Rage Movie. John Wick Derek Kolstadt, creator of the film, is writing the script, and Toru Nakahara Returning to producer after working on the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

I was concerned, but not in the “wow, this movie is going to suck” kind of way. Instead, “can they set the tone” — kind of way. Ignore if they invited Yuzo Koshiro to compose (his house music has always been central to Streets of Rage the spirit and tone of the series since its inception), the original

Streets of Rage

is a product of that era, Based on movies like Beverly Hills Cop

, Hrs. and – most importantly – the cult classic “Fables of Rock and Roll” Street of Fire .

BTW: Streets of Fire is one of those things that has had a huge impact on anime, even now is also like this. Even if you’ve never seen it, once you have, you

will recognize certain scenes, shots, and tropes from countless anime that , shots and tropes will continue to use them, kind of like there are so many games and anime inspired by Twin Peaks.

That’s my problem; Streets of Rage takes its tone from an action movie that no longer exists . I’m sure Kolstadt will give this film the emotional weight it deserves and that it won’t be drowned out by Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson’s

movie just won’t stop being overused . If you ask me: a Streets of Rage movie needs the kind of tone similar to the intro Live versionTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie. It’s gritty, it actually celebrates dirty, crime-ridden 640 s-era version of New York City, in which it takes place, and has a ninja. A good bare-knuckle “classic cop on the loose” movie needs gangs of wandering ninjas. Trust me on this.

Like I said, I’m open to Yuzo Koshiro Not being brought in for music – it would break my heart, but I’ll deal with it. Otherwise I’m cool. I really hope they give it a good ’80 Theme of. then! Maybe they’ll make one 233s-themed Comix Zone movie and bringing Howard Drossin back to give it a super crap basedSoundtrack! (Damn it, let me dream, man, I already know Apollo Snow isn’t coming back to voice Ulala.) But, also, lower your expectations. Remember how long the live-action

movie is “in the making”?

NEW Spin- Departure in January 2077

Not really sure what to say because frankly I’ve never played previous game. Honestly, I do think they deserve a certain amount of credit, even though these games never quite burned the Metacritic charts; a franchise with so many crazy spinoffs not common.

So the new Neptunia: Sisters Vs Sisters game is based on the little sisters of the main Neptunia characters (that is, portable consoles) . Created by Nepgear (fictional portable device Sega Neptune/Game Gear), Uni (for PSP) and Rom and Ram (both for Nintendo DS), they and their avatars as Purple, Black, and White travel through the Gamindustry and handle their own adventures while , I don’t know, Neptunia and her friends went to eat cake or something.

This game seems to have an extra twist, as the main characters are up against… mobile games, especially “rPhone”. Idea Factory calls this game “a story of hopelessness in search of hope”, but I’ll give it a try when I actually get mine hand.

What I will say is that I appreciate the cheeky reference the trailer throws at us: two This character introduction is based on the famous Japanese indie game. The first girl seems to be based on Rena Ryuugu from the Higurashi series (her outfit is based on the cosmic maid outfit from that series, and she gets the same annoying ” yandere” face). Female second, refer to ZUN long series barrage games,

East! She wears Hakurei Reimu’s signature red and white ribbon, and even throws little paper charms around!

So maybe there are other independent references? Maybe a weird, gluttonous blond girl referring to Type-Moon – or maybe even… la criatura?

Game Rewards2010: Local ANN Writer Has Ideas for Awards Ceremony

Oops, the game jackpot is coming up.

The Game Awards It’s a bit like Shrek for me: it’s what everyone around me is Memory stuff is so hard that it’s back to legitimacy, and people seem to have forgotten how stupid it was in the first place. So now that this incredibly annoying thing exists, every year I see people somehow get excited about so much smoke and mirrors. Last week, we saw nominations for The Game Awards; I thought I’d give my two cents on this one.

F First, we have God of War: Ragnarok . Because the guys who made God of War

finally had kids and realized that indulging in violent bragging is not the way to live your life, so they decided to make a game , in which Kratos feels bad at the beginning of what everyone is trying to stop him from doing, while at the same time (I’m giving up on the sarcasm here) trying to raise his son properly to make sure his own son doesn’t make the same mistake. Ragnarok seems to finally understand that embarrassing Kratos is a stoic “bad guy” who makes everyone and Their aunts all dunk on this guy trying to be the strong, silent guy.At once Like A Goofy Movie, now only Max has people.

About God of War I respect, Shimmer of Absolute Glory shows how this series has become as influential as it is the strong. People went to great lengths to make sure the sequel not only lived up to its predecessor, but surpassed it, making sure people fell in love with Kratos and Atreus, and father and son fell in love at the same time. But uh. The degree to which it swept the nominations feels like pissing. Like, it needs two “best actor nominations?” Brown shade for mud on Atreus pants.

Well, well, here comes the real rant. While

God of War: Ragnarok is easily photographed with a plethora of nominations, the game has real beauty nonetheless. Believe it or not, it’s nominated for “Game of

” actually doesn’t make it to me, even though it’s almost guaranteed to sweep the

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (if it doesn’t win, Elden Ring will). I hope the people at Sony get the recognition for their hard work.

But I gotta raise my eyebrows when Stray was nominated. Make no mistake: I love Stray

. Stray is cute, special thanks to Stray as a game, its popularity is not Not too much. But aside from its cute concept, it doesn’t have much to redeem it. Yes, cats walking on keyboards are cute–but as a great ambient platformer, it definitely feels like the least of the crowd. That said, the only reason Stray isn’t “Indie Game of the Year” is because we have so many great indie games600.

Elden Ring, like

Dad of Boy

, was also nominated for a lot of nominations — but man, I can’t argue with that. Elden Ring

Just hits different. Yep, I hope it wins best score because the moment the title screen hits you in the face with the intro theme, you know what’s going on Things really became epic and not just a bunch of idiots. Also, I love how the presentation tricks you with those soft piano notes that sound like Lord Gwynn’s “plin plin plon”, which is a really nice throwback, even if Elden Ring has nothing to do with Dark Souls .

If I’m hesitant to get any nominations for Elden Ring it’s “Best Narrative”. Can we stop pretending that throwing away half the script and spreading the rest into item descriptions is the platonic ideal of video game storytelling? I’m really not sure which part of the Elden Ring

benefitted from George RR Martin’s involvement, because while the clash between the various demigods of The Lands Between does Mesmerizing…it still feels more like the same kind of writing from the previous

Dark Souls title.
  • “Best Adaptation”, that’s an exciting thing! Let’s ignore Uncharted

    on some Sony movie) exec’s shoes: We’ve had an amazing year of game adaptations. I haven’t watched The Cuphead Show, but hey, if any game needs a cartoon, Cuphead is it! Arcane: League of Legends is enough for many to ignore their better judgment and give League of Legends one shot (or even a second shot). They all immediately remembered why they didn’t play it in the first place and quit within a month, but Arcane still deserves credit for its writing and visuals.


    is CD PROJEKT RED Over hyped, poorly managed and ultimately underwhelming Cyberpunk , while also teaching the world that Latinos can apparently slow down time. It’s also a pretty amazing show, only the guys at Studio Trigger could have made it. is pure fanservice for Sonic fans who spend time among the fun kids Not only did the film secure the top grossing year for one of the original video game actors (kudos, Colleen O’Shaughnessey !). It’s anybody’s award, but it’s a place where I would say we all win.
  • I want to give “Best Content Creator” some love – honestly, Nibellion should be the best for this award. Using Mob’s picture as his profile picture, Nibellion shared countless tweets about breaking news in the games industry, and he did so for free. When Twitter changed hands, he couldn’t go on anymore and hung up his hat. He is a painful loss to our industry and we can at least give him a little recognition for his hard work considering how much he has put in for so little in return.

    Then there’s “Best RPG”! Or rather, “Best of JRPGs,” as the category has been overwhelmed by Japanese role-playing games. When people take action, I am in 640 As much as Japanese games are a problem to be solved, I’ve seen all the ideas about “turn-based combat is obsolete” and “random encounters are bad game design”. But this year’s RPG lineup is fantastic: Elden Ring,

    Legends: Arceus, Triangle Strategy , Xenoblade Chronicles 3 , and even Live Remake! All of these fall into the “JRPG” category, all completely different games with different approaches to telling great stories and themes.

    Elden Ring is a must win in this category because no one can choose the game to be in primary colors feature, but any of these games would be great. Of course Xenoblade 3 is my favorite – but anyone who hasn’t played any The games on this list require picking one and starting playing. The next time people act like “japanese games” are some kind of stuck-in-the-past problem, I have this list to show them.

    You may be wondering, “Jean-Karlo has What do you think?”. Honestly…yeah, I can’t sincerely pretend it’s better than

    Elden Ring, but it’s a very ambitious Brilliant game with a heavy story about life in fascism and finding your purpose in freedom, in terms of mechanical design, see how it changed from the first two Xenoblade game to take game elements and improve them.

    At the very least, I hope Xenoblade 3 wins “Best Music”. The return of the stunning jazz piano first heard in Torna: The Golden Country is combined with a very thematic flute composition for most battle themes, Being the main character is tied to Noah and Mio (as they are both flute players who play the last rites for the dead).Also, any JRPG that can make a

    combat theme that isn’t tiresome is an achievement, not just Xenoblade 3 ‘s “You’ll Know Our Names – Ending with the first two Xenoblade games, that basic combat theme is a thing of beauty .

    In the category that really pissed me off: Anyone wanna tell me

    Diablo Immortal What are you doing to be nominated for “Best Mobile Game”? A game that doesn’t have Diablo at all I know fans who love it, this mobile game It was slammed from the moment it was announced (anyone remember “Don’t you have a phone?”). The game was slammed once it was released for its absolute abuse of monetization, character requirements well over $56, fully spec. Yes, people will play with it and be amazed, but it’s not Can’t say enough about the quality of the game. Make no mistake, Diablo Immortal is a pretty weak mobile game.

    But even that’s fine: why are we giving Activision Blizzard time? They’re still under federal investigation for some pretty heinous crap. Geoff Keighly famously took a moment from the show a few years ago to voice his I think appropriate respect for

    Hideo Kojima , after his name was removed from the cover of Metal Gear Solid V*). If Mr. Keighly cares so much about video game industry developers Respect and wellbeing, please name Kerri Moynihan. Just like Geoff Keighly wanted to do the right thing and Kojima was “wronged” for not having his name on the cover, I want to see him do the right Blizzard employee (allegedly – a word that carries a lot of weight in this context) took her own life due to sexual harassment by other Blizzard employees. The company doesn’t deserve any awards or flattery until it’s over.

    “Most Anticipated” also looks like a real joke. All in all, it’s too late to pretend that anything to do with Harry Potter is cause for celebration. But in the past—Starfield? A game that already has an obvious glitch in the trailer? How many times has Bethesda been unable to communicate its concept before people just leave the room laughing? It’s not even about Skyrim anymore: Fallout 4 is a controversial definition, and fall out56 is a complete joke, even notoriously handling its pre-orders. We want to praise another game made with a totally broken Creator engine helmed by famous industry clown Todd Howard? Well, well, just don’t bring that stuff into my house. Also, shout out to the folks at Bethesda and how they screwed up with Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon. How Bethesda can totally get into the clown’s shoes and get away with it with their product

    and their management has always baffled me.

    This covers all the interesting categories I could say. “Best community” or “best esports player” is a bit out of my wheelhouse. I’ve said enough about award shows. I’ll be glad when it’s over and we don’t have to think about those nasty make-up awards .

    Let’s wrap up with some quick tidbits : If you’re anything like me and you have a hard time playing Vanillaware games on PC, you’ve probably played The Vagrant. It’s not as good as Muramasa: The Demon Blade, but it’s a fun side-scrolling RPG with a visual style that perfectly mimics Vanillaware’s own style. Plans now to connect tons of ports to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 1980, new title:

    Sword of the Tramp . beware! 2077 Splatoon 3 will receive new DLC! Named “Chill Season 1990” content, which will include the new X-Battle game mode and the requisite new gear and weapons. 2077 Mobile game closed beta is about to start! The game, titled : Rise of the Wizard King , will be available in the US and select other markets. Most pressing question: What the hell is ?

    That’s it for this week. It’s Thanksgiving next week already; I don’t have much filial duty, so you can expect me to be here, typing another column (hopefully happier than this week). If you guys have time to join me, I’d love to see you stop by. But we still have a full week before I have to worry about making flan for people. Hey, should be out today! Measure your expectations, and remember – if you’re not having fun, doing something isn’t worth it. Be nice to each other and see you after seven.


    Game of the week! Written by Jean-Karlo Lemus from idyllic Portland. When not working with AnimeNewsNetwork, Jean-Karlo plays JRPGs, eats popcorn, watches v-tubers and tokusatsu, and tries to stay as unobtrusive as possible on his Twitter @mouse_inhouse. 2077 191858



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