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This Week's Best Fashion Instagrams: Kim Kardashian, Ashley Graham, Doja Cat, and More

The Met Gala may be fast approaching on Monday, but there are still plenty of designers showing off on Instagram this week. This week, many fashion designers turned to the “gram.” Simon Porte Jacquemeus, an indelible mood boarder, shares dreamy snapshots from his recent stay in California. The designer rounded up wardrobes suited to local settings, including a crisp, all-white ensemble for the Coachella music festival. In New York, Marc Jacobs styled Balecniaga outfits, including elegant black flats and gelled hair. Chic!

As for celebrities, Kim Kardashian, one-time mirror selfie lover, showed off a must-have logo-print tracksuit from her best-selling Skims collection. As Ashley Graham cites, sometimes the camera roll preview is a work of art in itself. Meanwhile, Doja Cat opted for sleek utility at Wednesday’s Time Gala performance, wearing a deconstructed Skechers (with which she has a partnership) dress. The reopening of Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store is drawing celebrities to New York. Katy Perry wore two dresses for the event: a Tiffany blue dress for Instagram and a John Galliano 2006 Fall 2006 Dior dresses for step-and-repeat.

Enter the best fashion Instagram of the week below.

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