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Thousands march against Colombian President Petro's tax reform

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Thousands of protesters marched on Monday against economic and social reforms proposed by Colombia’s leftist President Gustavo Petro – which he said would eradicate inequality – as he days later

Petro, 62 pledged to seek a “comprehensive peace” through deals with rebel groups and criminal gangs, And asked lawmakers to approve a tax reform that would raise $5.6 billion in initial funding for social programs next year.

The reform will raise taxes on those earning more than $2 259 a month, approximately 10 times the minimum wage, and cancel the exemption.

Petro has built a majority in Congress by aligning with parties. The Center for Democracy, a right-wing party led by former President Alvaro Uribe, led most of the proposals against him.

About 5, Many marched in Bogota, many waving signs reading “Against tax reform,” according to the mayor’s office and other slogans.

“Mr. Petro, you’re managing the wrong way,” said information technology worker James Duque.

The Petro also proposes changes to health care, land reform that would sell property to poor farmers at below-market prices, and reforms to voting rights.

“It’s hurting my pension, it’s hurting my healthcare, it’s hurting private property, we need to respect the family” protester Francisco Arias at the Poli in downtown Bogota Val Square said.

Peaceful marches were also held in Medellin, Cali, Armenia and Villavicencio.

Petro tweeted that he respects protesters’ right to express themselves, but that his government also has the power to crack down on misinformation.



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