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“Through the Infinite World” authorizes “Fluffy Paradise” and other three light novels

“Through the Infinite World” was announced on Wednesday Get four authorized new light novel series:

© Xiu, Fujisaki, Shufu and Life Society

Title: fluffy creator:dragonSyuu(Author)fluffyFujigasaki (Artist)fluffy Release Date: November (digital) to be released in paperback later 81scat4fmhl Summary: “We demand compensation, not the bride.”

Forced to marry an enemy general, only to be rejected by the future husband and coldly received by the new motherland… …

As the daughter of a powerful marquis in a small and prosperous country, Bertina was brought up with all the privileges and expectations befitting her position. However, shortly before her marriage, the king ordered her to marry Cecilio, a representative of a nation that had triumphed over her own. Because she is part of the war reparations. Resigned to fate and desperate in her heart, she sailed across the ocean to her new home.

But what awaits her is the absence of Cecilio and the departure of the servants. Treat her humiliatingly. “I can’t depend on my parents or my status. So I’m going to gain the strength to survive here through my own efforts.” Alone and determined by herself, Bertina escapes the manor and begins to forge a path, Allowing her to live in enemy territory…

A man with a hidden talent for business. The general known as the “battle savage”. And their love story based on misunderstanding and negotiation starts here! fluffy



61ydex-6dhl© Sunflower, Xiluolan, Futabasha
creator:fluffyHimawari (Author) fluffyKirouran (Artist) Release Date: September(Digital Edition) Synopsis: Ultimate Ability: Difference with White Tiger and Dragon Intermittent hug time! fluffy My name is Akitsu Green, my age at death 29. After I died, God told me that he would give me a special ability to reincarnate into another world! I have been given the gift of being adored by all creatures except humans. I’m an ordinary girl, but I enjoy my life in another world and the super elite family I was born into. Every day is an unlimited fantasy animal cuddling experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns – there are ominous rumors in the political arena that God is basically using me as his puppet – but I’m doing my best with the help of all my mates s hard work. I used my super power to gather together! fluffy


© Suzume Kirisaki, Cosmos, Futabasha Title:
Suzume Kirisaki(Author)fluffyCosmic(artist) )fluffy Release Date: October30(number)fluffy Synopsis: The way of the dragon is the way to become stronger! XXXX, a man used and abused by his adventure party for general missions, was stabbed by a member of the team in the dragon domain of the Kogus Mountains Finally, he found himself on the verge of death. back. literally. The next time he opened his eyes, he was in the lair of a red dragon named Kafar whose eggs had been destroyed in a natural disaster. He lost his memory and his name and became a young girl named Lushera. Apparently Kafar plans to raise Lushera as his own daughter…? This is a romantic story between a dragon and a human, and a story about an extraordinary mother and daughter. fluffy

© Iota AIUE, Sasami Misa, Futabasha
creator:fluffyIota Aiue(Author)Misa Sazanami(Artist)fluffy Release Date: October

(Number) fluffy Synopsis: The charm of the third time! fluffy The princess who never got her real name and suffered years of abuse. Every time she meets an untimely ending, she’s sent back in time, and on the third loop, she’s re-emerged as a three-year-old girl. What’s more, this time, Jinlong, the patron saint of the royal family, also noticed her. Even the legendary fluffy flame tiger was bitten by her! Although the crown prince is an elder brother, he never showed any interest in her, but in this cycle, he called her an angel. Will her father, the notorious cold-blooded emperor, also favor her? ! The Nameless Princess will do her best to survive and earn her own name! fluffy

Source: Press Release 199545




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