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Tiffany and Brett's Love Is a Blind Connection Seems Too Good To Be

Even after three seasons filled with explosive moments, Love Is Blind is on top again, Season 4 possible It is by far the most dramatic one. From the couple who broke up just days after their engagement, to what many fans thought was a intense love triangle still There’s no shortage of shocking moments in the works, and since the wedding and reunion haven’t aired yet, anything could happen next.

But throughout all of this drama, the relationship between Tiffany and Brett has been a bright spot. The two were paired early in the experimental process, and they bonded through mature and open conversations about family, love, and career. When Bret confessed his feelings for Tiffany, they had a brief but amusing question, which she didn’t answer…just for the cameras to show that she had fallen asleep. Brett quickly forgave her and they became the first couple to get engaged. Seeing their relationship grow deeper, they manage to avoid drama with other couples while offering their insight to their friends. After moving back home, Tiffany and Brett easily agreed with her moving into the apartment, with Brett even offering to move into a larger space that would make Tiffany more comfortable.

But are they too good to be true? Here’s what you need to know about where Tiffany and Brett are now.

Tiffany and Brett from Love Is Blind still together?


preview for Scott Adkins | Train Like For the rest of the season, Tiffany and Brett met friends, exchanged “I love you” and went to work on their upcoming Shopping for wedding clothing. Things were going well, but Tiffany did have a tearful conversation with Brett in which she revealed that she was stressed out about wedding planning and trying to keep up with work. Brett was quick to reassure her that everything would be fine, and to further reassure her concerns, he took her on a surprise date and they boarded a seaplane for a sumptuous dinner.

Later, Tiffany met Brett’s father and brother, and they soon It was approved. Up next, we’ll see the couple’s wedding, and while it’s a bit of a stretch whether the two will agree with each other, we’re betting on Tiffany and Brett becoming husband and wife.
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