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Tiffany & Co. Celebrates New Tiffany Lock Collection with Kim Kardashian, Gal Gadot and Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber, who starred at Tiffany & Co.’s T-Series campaign, leaned more towards a mix-and-match approach, wearing a six-pack on one arm One gold-tone and pavé diamond Lock bracelet and one gold-tone Elsa Peretti Claw emerald necklace with gold-tone HardWear chain earrings. “I really like the stacking vibe,” she said. “I haven’t always been a bracelet girl, but with the right chunky layered pieces, I am—it really depends on my mood.”

Jeweler Bieber also makes sense personal associations. “My first Tiffany jewelry was that chunky silver heart tag necklace with buttons. That’s it, it was such a big deal to buy one as a teenager, I remember my sister at her 16 Bought one for my birthday and I’m jealous. I can’t wait to get mine,” she said. “I think jewelry is something you keep forever. I hope to one day pass some of these pieces on to my kids. My mom and my grandma passed on jewelry to me, and these things are always the most special because it lives Your own life, and it comes from someone you really admire.”

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian complimented with a complete line of platinum and platinum jewelry Her current platinum hair, which includes two silver Elsa Peretti snake necklaces and a Tiffany T1 diamond necklace 18 k white gold, white gold lock bracelet, full pavé diamonds, semi pavé diamonds and A small selection of platinum and white gold rings.

Moderated and networked by Tiffany President Anthony Ledru and Executive Vice President of Product, Alexandre Arnault, guests mingle on the patio of the iconic Art Deco landmark, with sweeping views of the city in the background , then seated for dinner.

Champagne toast, Ledru said at the party: “Thank you for joining us for one of the most exciting events g recently 10 year or possibly the last 100 year release. Symbolically, we believe it’s about inclusivity, we believe it’s about commitment, we believe it’s about love.”

The collection currently includes four white gold, yellow gold bracelets, rose gold and pavé diamonds, and will also launch new styles from January 2023 and aspire to be Tiffany & Co with LVMH A new classic into a new era. “We’ve been trying to revitalize and revitalize the brand for the past two years,” Arnault told the star-studded party. “The lock is the beginning of a new story, a new era. We will keep the blue box forever, but everything else will change, which is very exciting for us.”



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