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Tiffany Vanderhoop’s Statement Earrings Are Embedded With Meaning

Today, Vanderhoop’s colorful, graphic line of earrings are certainly instant outfit-makers. All of Vanderhoop’s earrings are made-to-order using materials such as colorful beads and golden brass. The designer considers herself a bead obsessive. “I use cylindrical beads, and I really enjoy working with the smallest beads I can get,” says Vanderhoop. “My beaded fringe earrings are woven onto a brass frame with tiny brass charms at the bottom, to give a fluid movement to them.”

Even better yet, each piece bears a special meaning behind it. Her Raven’s Tail earrings, for instance, signify a reclamation of culture—especially given there was a time when Indigenous people legally weren’t allowed to engage in their own cultural practices. “There came a point in our history when no one was weaving Raven’s Tail anymore, [though] it has since been revived,” says Vanderhoop. “I like to think of the Raven’s Tail–designed earrings as a tribute to the survival of the weaving. Now we are using fashion as a way of restoring our power; It is all interwoven with cultural revitalization, language reclamation, and social justice movements.”

Photo: Courtesy of @huckleberrywoman



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