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TikTok made me buy it: Danessa Myricks Skin Blurring Balm Powder

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When I was browsing TikTok before bed last week, a beauty review by Katie Wang (@katiewongspelledwang) gave me pause. “I’ve probably discovered the easiest, one-step product I’ve ever found,” the TikTok creator says in her video. I am very interested. Wang went on to share her amazing new discovery: Danessa Myricks Beauty’s Yummy Skin Concealer Powder ($), provides light coverage and reduces skin texture , and Balance oil throughout the day. Wang then went on to glide easily over the balsamic powder formula with her fingertips (though it also came with a fancy little spatula), and the results were impressive: Her skin looked flawless in no time, with little to no need for any effort. I decided I needed to try it immediately.

Fuzzy Balm Powder is one of Danessa Myricks Beauty’s first products to go viral on TikTok – Wang’s review ends 39, Liked – even though the brand is launching , its Colorfix eye, cheek and lip pigments have been successful. While I waited for the product to ship to me, I explored several other TikToks and gave Fuzzy Balsamic Powder a good review. Creator @iamtahira loves the universal shade, which can be used as a primer under foundation to prolong its wear. Others love using it as a shade foundation: @mycurrentfaves mixed 3 and 4 shades to find her perfect base, while @poorlildarkbxy found the perfect color match , exclaimed, “Come on, open your wallet!”

Image may contain Face Human Person and Skin Image may contain Face Human Person and SkinImage may contain Face Human Person and Skin
TiKTok: Thanks @thejurneegabriel


After using the blurring lip balm, every reviewer I’ve met seems to be left with an even, glowing complexion that still looks like their own natural skin – but better. So, below, I tried it myself to see if it was really worth the hype (and, spoiler alert: yes). Read on for my five main ones.

must be prepared in advance

Like any makeup product, you need to prime your face before applying lip balm. Given that the formula is a balm-to-powder finish, that means skin will be left with a more matte finish than dewy skin. If you want to counteract this, I recommend using a moisturizing serum and moisturizer beforehand; I used Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Dewdrops and Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream before applying.

Everything is at your fingertips

The product has the consistency of a lip balm, so it’s best to warm it up on your fingertips and swipe to help it blend into the skin. (Other The creators also used sponges and brushes for a successful end result.) After prepping the skin, I swiped on the product – color 2 – and it was a perfect match that blended seamlessly with my own skin tone. If you’re not sure what shade to get, don’t worry: the shade is flexible and will adapt to your skin tone if it’s not an exact match (for example, color 3 is a bit darker for me, but still works. )

Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Face MakeupImage may contain: Cosmetics, and Face Makeup

You can build coverage

B beauty balm coverage compared to foundation or concealer Noticeably lighter; I would say it is closer to a tinted moisturizer. After applying one layer, I built up coverage easily – swipe a little more on the areas where I needed it (mainly my cheek area, where it experienced the reddest). Given that it dries to a powdery form, I was concerned that building up product might turn it cakey – but it didn’t.

Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Face Makeup

Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Face Makeup


do not need to set it

The beauty balm already has powder – similar finish, so avoid using more powder for the setting. Given my drier skin, I’m usually not a fan of matte finishes – so for a radiant finish, I put a little face oil on my cheekbones just to add some radiance to the skin (alternatively, you can use liquid highlighter). If you’re on the go, I really like that this product requires no setup (you just swipe away). Throughout the day, I do find it controls my oil as well – so this works especially well for oily skin types.

Yes, you can Layer the product



test drive, then I try on the blurry lipstick Apply powder bronzer (Benefit Cosmetics) and blush (Rare Beauty) on top to see how it interacts with the rest of the formula. All three products blend it well. Of course, balsamic powder is definitely not the kind you use to fill your face – but I

are was left with a very natural look and it looked like I was barely wearing anything. Isn’t this an ideal daily goal?






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