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Timeline of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's turbulent relationship

November1978: Prince Charles at Allsop House First Meeting Lady Diana, her 1, 500 – acre family estate in Northamptonshire, England. At the time, he was dating her sister, Sarah, and heading to her shoot weekend. In a later interview, he would recall “how funny she was” during the initial interaction.

February1978: Charles and Sarah go to Switzerland for the weekend Kloster Skis (where they were photographed by photographers). Here she allegedly met a reporter who told reporters she would not marry Charles “if he were a cleaner or the king of England”. Charles was said to be disturbed by her revelations to the media, and they ended their relationship shortly after. However, the two sisters are still in his circle and even attended his birthday party at Buckingham Palace in November.

July1980: Both Charles and Diana are invited to Their mutual friend Philip de Pas spent the weekend at their Sussex home. There, Diana focused on talking to Charles about the recent death of his beloved uncle, Lord Mountbatten. “The next minute, he almost jumped on me,” she said, according to the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words. Built from there. “

SEPTEMBER 1980: Cameras capture Diana in Balmore Lel, this is the royal family’s private estate in the Scottish Highlands. In this way, the secret of their relationship is officially revealed.

February1981: Prince Charles proposed to Diana at Windsor Castle. She said yes. The couple was said to have only gone out a dozen times at the time. Afterwards, the media commented on year-old’s attention has reached a fever pitch. Although she handles most things with grace, The New York Times reported that she once burst into tears at the wheel of her car. “I know it’s just a job they have to do, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t do it.” ,” she said of all the photographers. She moved from a small apartment to Clarence House.

The couple officially announced their engagement to the world in February 19. When a reporter asked Charles if they were in a relationship, he famously replied: “Whatever ‘in love’ means. “

March1981: Charles flew to Australia and stayed in New Zealand Five weeks, leaving his new fiancée behind. She was found crying at Heathrow as he left – not because she was upset, but because he had been with Camilla Parker before he left “It broke my heart,” she later recalled, according to Diana: In her own words.



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