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Timothy Olyphant reveals 'valid' reason for bringing back Raylan Givens

“Let’s dig coal together.”

Timothy Olyphant Closed reasonable )at1838, with these powerful final words, celebrates his character, Raylan Givens, with his hometown of Harlan County His longtime friend-turned-enemy Boyd Crowder ( Walton Goggins ) and even himself. For those who stuck through FX’s six seasons of modern westerns , here’s the perfect summary of the journey: From the Bennetts to Crowe The Family and Everyone in Between – Drew Thompson’s Legendary Story with a Pappy Van Winkle Pippy – Justified Community Let’s dig coal together.

Now, it’s time to head back to the mines.

After a years-long hiatus for the Kentucky-based crime drama, Raylan Givens returns in limited form. SERIES JUSTICE: CITY ORIGINAL . Inspired by Elmore Leonard’s famous novel Primitive City , the latest edition of The Wire Say goodbye to Harlan and all of Raylan’s old friends and enemies in favor of a new set of characters and a new city: Detroit, albeit filmed in Chicago.

For those familiar with Leonard’s original story, Raylan takes on the role of the book’s protagonist, Raymond Cruz, hunting down a man known by some as the Oklahoma Wildman. Deadly killer, but his birth certificate has his name on it as Clement Mansell. Sandman and Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune Villains

Boyd Holbrook takes Clemente’s wild shoes and goes head-to-head with Raylan, both surrounded by a ton of new players: Anja Aunjanue Ellis as attorney Carolyn Wilder, Vondie Curtis Hall as Sweety the bar owner, and Olyphant ( Olyphant’s daughter Vivian Olyphant plays Raylan’s teenage daughter Willa, to name a few.

In the original series, there is a constant repetition: “You” and I will never keep Harlan alive. But with new episodes JUSTIFIED: CITY PRIMEVAL; Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. premiering Tuesday on FX and Hulu, the very existence of the first two episodes presents a powerful argument Argument. Ahead, The Hollywood Reporter presents a conversation with Olyphant (published in June at

Prior to SAG-AFTRA Strike ) on Raylan’s return, exploring his own relationship with his parents and the newest addition to Raylan’s sprawling rogues gallery.

JUSTIFIED: CITY PRIMEVAL; Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens.

Timothy Olyphant returns as Raylan Givens. check G. Holders/Forex

thisJusticeSeries Finale Ended everything so forcefully. Any hesitation about returning to Raylan’s world and affecting this ending?

That series from many years ago The ending is a very specific ending. If this doesn’t work, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves. I understand if people say, “What are you doing, man? why did you bring him back What a happy ending! ” But hopefully they’ll have fun with the show too.

But we watched the first episode in Austin [atx festival] with a huge crowd and the response was overwhelmingly great. It’s just awesome People are relieved. They have been with us from the beginning. But my experience is also the same as my experience with the writers. It is a completely different cast. It is a completely different world, but still Same show. It’s still the show. Nice to see the audience right there with us.

The tonal continuity feels very complete. This is due in no small part to “What would Elmore Leonard do? “The spirit of the issue. Especially since this series is directly adapted from one of his novels.

We know the sandbox we’re playing. Even as we come up with ideas and storylines, we still know where it’s going to go: it’s going to go to this tone, it’s going to go to this world. That’s what we’re playing “Games. We had two ideas that worked really well for us. We had this book, and it gave us something to start a conversation with, and even anchor us at times. Then the writers thought about throwing Raylan’s kids in there.” Those two things are the essential ingredients to make this thing work.

This is very similar to how the original series worked. It was the Elmore Leonard material that got us started , and then [ the original reasonable Creator Graham Yost ] Invented. It’s the father, it’s the ex-wife. These things make the stakes high for Raylan, make Raylan empathize, and Not just cool. I think that’s what makes it a great TV.

JUSTIFIED: CITY PRIMEVAL; Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens.


Oliphant and real life daughter Vivienne Oliphant as Willa Givens, Raylan Givens

Chuck Hodders/Forex

At reasonable, most of the content focuses on Raylan’s strained relationship with his father Arlo (Raymond J. Barry) On. Now, Raylan is the father, and your daughter plays the role of… your daughter.

When we first started discussing the idea of ​​bringing Raylan’s teenage daughter into the story, we didn’t see my teenage kid in the role. But once We’re starting to get the show going, and the parallels are a little… disturbing, to say the least. ( laughs at .) Raylan’s daughter and my daughter? Neither was impressed. It doesn’t look that scary. They both do have his number. They saw right through his nonsense. We did not foresee this!

What did you discover Raylan re-emerged as a parent Check out this role?

The scene with [his daughter] is amazing Refreshing. Your role is to just roll your eyes at the guy. We don’t see this very often. It was so fun to put him in that situation. Seeing him had to be patient, had to listen… saw Raylan had to really listen. I really like this side of the character. The fact that it was my kids doing the work was pretty memorable, to say the least.


Raylan Givens and Clement Mansell, played by Boyd Holbrook.
Chuck Hodders/FX

“The Wire” the villains are always so memorable. What puts Holbrook’s Clement Mansell on a par with some of the greats in the just thieves’ gallery?

We are very lucky to be comprehensive. The cast is ridiculous. We are dealing with a very deep bench. I could go on and on about each of them. I could spend hours just driving around with Victor Williams (as Detroit cop Wendell). I could have spent so much time in the car with him. We had great chemistry. I love everyone here.

As far as Holbrook goes, it’s really good. We found a really nice place. He has a charm that I really like. Holbrook is a first-rate actor. He’s a great guy and a real talent. It’s been a lot of fun working with him. He brings a weight and a menace that I feel like we don’t always get on the show by referencing “bad guys.” You really think this guy can fuck Raylan. That’s the sandbox we want to be in. The feeling we got there was very gratifying. He brings a different energy than he did before the show. I’m not sure we ever had someone like him in our show.

But I remember worrying a bit: “If I’m cool and he’s cool… is that so? Go Work?” (laughs.)

Interview edited for length and clarity edit.

788618 Reasonable: Urban Raw July Premiere 70 The first two episodes aired on FX and Hulu, followed by each Released weekly.



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