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TJ Miller says he won't be working with Ryan Reynolds again after awkward live 'Deadpool' moment

The actor, best known for playing a weasel in the first two films, said Reynolds changed after his “Deadpool” success, adding, “It’s weird that he hates me.”

T.J. Miller and Ryan Reynolds

TJ Miller & Ryan Reynolds Getty

TJ Miller Make it clear that Marvel fans are coming Arrival

Deadpool 3.

The close friend of the protagonist Weasel cast in the wildly popular 2016 The original film and its subsequent 2016 sequels, the most recent On The Adam Corolla Show podcast. Miller stated in interview that he did not work with Ryan Reynolds

again s plan. After what he described as an awkward on-set moment between them.

When host Adam Corolla asked Miller if he was close to the movie’s superhero Reynolds, the guest responded: “I get along better with him Deadpool because he’s not a huge, huge movie star .” Miller explained that he liked Reynolds “as a comedian,” but felt that Reynolds had changed after the huge success of the first film.

“Will I work with him again? No, I won’t work with him again,” Miller said. “But I’ve already said about Michael Bay , now that we’re friends, I’ll work with him again. But I think Michael Bay is different.”

Miller went on to say of Reynolds, ” It’s weird that he hates me,” and then described a tense moment during filming, which he claimed involved the star improvising a biting Deadpool: “We were Had a really weird moment on Deadpool He said, “Let’s take another shot. “And then as a character, he was very mean to me, like I was a weasel. So he was like, ‘You know what’s so great about you, weasel? You’re not a star, but you did enough shows to make it Funny, then we can leave and go back to the real movie.'”

Miller called the alleged incident “not a great experience for me,” recalling himself and the rest of the film team were unsure how to respond. Miller, who said he never asked Reynolds about that moment, added that he didn’t want any ill will from the team, but also didn’t plan to return, although he also suggested he wasn’t asked to return. Filmmaker Sean Levy coming soonDeadpool 3 will mark the series’ entry into Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, following Tim Miller’s first film and David Leitch directs the second.

Calling Reynolds “a little insecure,” Miller then said, “I wouldn’t do that Deadpool 3 If they come to me and say ‘We want you to do this Deadpool 3 , we’re going to pay you twice as much. ‘”

He continued, “I think he should make Deadpool 3 keep making movies. I just don’t think he likes me, I think the way he expresses it is weird. Where I don’t need to do in life Deadpool 3. ” Miller went on, he didn’t Believing “over five years” to play the same role also contributed to his exit from HBO of Silicon Valley .

A representative for Reynolds did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Miller, with Cloverfield and other movies and Ready Player One , has dealt with his own negative headlines. At , Miller He is accused of previous sexual assault and violence by an anonymous woman who attended college with him; he denies the allegations.

The following year, Silicon Valley actress Alice Wetterlund tweeted said Miller was a “bully and wayward kid” during the show, and that he had the support of other powerful members of the comedy series team. At the time, HBO said in a statement that the company was “disappointed to learn of her concerns.”

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