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TJ Miller says Ryan Reynolds contacted him about 'misunderstood' comment on 'Deadpool' set

Miller, who played the Weasel in the first two “Deadpool” movies, recently said he won’t be working with Reynolds again after an awkward on-set exchange.

TJ Miller Ryan Reynolds

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TJ Miller said he and Ryan Reynolds cleared the air after Miller publicly said he would Never again with his work together dead pool co-star.

Miller visits SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts On Wednesday, co-host Jim Norton asked him about his recent The Adam Corolla Show

“It was a misunderstanding,” Miller said of their set moments from years ago. “So I emailed him and it’s fine now.”

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Miller added that he felt he “said all of this as a compliment” about Reynolds, including that he thought he was funny, but media reports didn’t highlight that. “I don’t think I said anything negative,” the actor said. “I feel bad that it was picked up and misunderstood. But no, that was the next day – he talked to me, and that’s ok.”

Adam Corolla to Miller earlier this month Asked about his relationship with Reynolds , given that Miller played the weasel, a close friend of Reynolds’ titled superhero in the hugely successful film 10 Movie Deadpool

At the time, Miller went on to recount what he described as an awkward on-set moment between them. , while Reynolds was repeating his filterless Deadpool: “He’s so mean to me as a character, it’s like I’m a weasel. So he’s like, ‘You know what’s so great about you, weasel? You’re not a star, but you do enough shows to make it interesting and then we can leave and go back to the real movie.'”

He told Corolla that he loved Reynolds a comedy actor, but said the star seemed to get carried away by the success of the first film and called him a “kind of insecure guy”. Miller also confirmed that he has no plans to reprise his role as the weasel: “I wouldn’t do that

Deadpool 3 If they come to me and say, ‘We want you to do Deadpool 3 , we’ll pay you twice as much.'”

Miller waited for the movie with Known for Cloverfield and ) Ready Player One , but his star seems to have Fell from

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