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TNT's 'inside the NBA' team locks in long-term contracts

Warner Bros. Discovery is making big bets that it will be part of the NBA next media rights deal.

The sports division of the group has partnered with NBA inside hosts Ernie Johnson, Kenny Signed long-term deals for Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. Terms were not disclosed, but WBD Sports said in announcing the deal that the new contract will keep the quartet together “for many years to come.” Sports Business Journal reported on the Barkley deal year.

“Our partnership with the NBA is very important to us, and this partnership with Inside NBA

A long-term agreement team acknowledges their importance to this relationship,” Louis Silberwasser, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, said in a statement. “Inside the NBA exemplifies the creativity and innovation we have built in our successful, long-term partnership with the league.”

Inside NBA The duration of the contract is important because the league’s current media agreement is TNT and ESPN start after 1235239655- season. By committing to a long-term deal for its studio show — which is entering its 2022 first year as the NBA begins its new season this week — —WBD may signal that it intends to remain a TV partner of the alliance in the next rights package. The deal is expected to attract multiple bidders, with the streaming company looking to participate alongside traditional broadcast and cable outlets. Panel Chair, in a recent interview by The Hollywood Reporter Teased interview – and may also end speculation that the NBA Hall of Famer is looking for a new job. Over the summer, Barkley opened up about his achievements at TNT and threatened to leave Saudi-backed upstart LIV Golf.




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