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To hell with the 'rules' – long hair is now the go-to hairstyle for over 50

Besides, at this age, you know what’s best for you. I’m almost

and aside from a short short cut during my second pregnancy and a schoolboy bob, I’ve always been a long-haired person. At one point, I was drawn to the disheveled hairstyle popular with Meg Ryan and asked Joel if he should cut his hair short. I’m always eager to get out my scissors, but his answer surprised me. “The problem is … as you get older, what looks incredible at a salon or a party doesn’t look so good on a school run,” he said. It’s true, and even though I’m not sure I’d feel like “me” if I had short hair, that particular cut instantly increases my invisibility.

If there’s one rule, it’s one that applies to all ages and all hairstyles—a good hairstyle shouldn’t leave you feeling worn out, or feel too perfect. My dad’s dictum about hips and hair is completely untrue, but I often hear hairdressers comment that your height can affect how long you wear your hair; just as round face shapes can benefit from cutting layers in the front.

Of course, there is also a conditional issue. If there is, there seem to be several rules. Long hair needs maintenance as we age — but, frankly, so does everything else. If you color your hair like Demi Moore, Nicola Clark recommends going half a shade lighter, a centimeter around your hairline. “This keeps hair from looking too stiff or too flat,” she explains. “I also recommend adding a shiner for a youthful glow.”

If you’re aiming for long, gray locks like Helen Mirren, follow the same rules between appointments as you would for coloring your hair. “I recommend using a brass-removing shampoo, but don’t use too much purple or blue pigment, as this can dull the hair over time,” says Clark. Virtue’s Colorkick To Brass Shampoo is an excellent choice.

Finally, the rule of regularly trimming your hair to maximize its length may seem counterintuitive, but it’s not an old wives’ tale. When I emailed Joel asking how I could get my hair to grow as long as Demi Moore’s, he replied, “You have to trim your ends every four to six weeks to make sure they stay strong.



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