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To You Season 2 – Episode 1

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Community Rating: 4.3 I entered this review in preparation for an irritating impression of it Laughing jokeeternity Since we got on Encountered Fushi and Orb Corp for me is how quickly I can readjust to its world, not to mention how happy I am to be back. The final Jananda Island Arc of season 1 was far from scary, but its uneven pacing and lack of truly memorable characters was a big step up from everything before it, and over time it finally made me feel good about the series as a whole memory becomes dull in its absence. There is a wonderful, The melancholy flavor is refreshing, but it’s unique, and I’m happy to find out how much I miss the story, after all.

an aspect of back to one of its biggest thematic cores that it revisits time and time again: change The necessity of growing up in a good life. Our poor boy Fuchs has been through a lot a lot in his life Time as an immortal shapeshifting sphere, but one of the things this premiere really focuses on is how much he has grown and changed since the heartbreaking episode of the first episode. A lot of it comes down to sheer time. Aside from a brief two-year flirting as a handful of barely conscious sea creatures, Fushi has spent

Considering that he is currently paired with Xiaojiu, this is special Convenience – A little girl with a bad view of the world… well, let’s just say, the existence that calls Kuko in Fushi’s life is complicated would underestimate it. For him, it takes a lot just to learn that the myth surrounding his existence is developing a whole guardian cult, or that the Nooks have begun attacking innocent villages to lure him out of exile. On top of that, his most aggressive ally is—let me take a deep breath—the emotionally damaged and possibly brainwashed preteen reincarnation of Hayase, the psychotic and obsessed murder priestess who ruins the ambush. West’s life and killed his beloved friend in dedicating multiple lives in pursuit of her twisted romantic infatuation with an eternally shape-shifting divine creature that hates her.

Oh, Hisame’s arm has been infected with the same Nokker, Her grandmother was 20 years ago and Fushi was Just

getting excited about . I can only thank God that our hero doesn’t seem to be at all interested in (not even aware of) the covert possessive/romantic undertones of Hisame’s actions; I really don’t need to watch Try taking it yourself on the old on the curveball.

On a more serious note, if I don’t fully agree with Fushi however The dynamics of /Hisame are largely due to the premiere’s most glaring flaw: the pacing. However, contrary to the roughness of the second half of season 1 that killed a lot of my enthusiasm, the main problem here is that everything is developing quickly. In half-heartedly looking back at Fushi’s time as a crab/shrimp, the almost comical way that Hisame and her guardians showed up and incorporated herself into Fushi’s life, and Hisame’s very casual reincarnation reveal, it feels like we’re worth at least two episodes Material smashed into one piece; there are even scenes where it feels like someone accidentally pressed the x1.5 speed button on the player. (Note Crunchyroll : For the love of God, don’t add a speed multiplier to your player).

While I’m dealing with my criticism of this episode , I also have to note that the show’s production is still, if not totally bad, at least impressive. I have to go back to the old episode and play Spot the Difference to record any meaningful changes based on switching to the new director ( Kiyoko Sayama ) and the studio (Drive), so I think it’s good that the show doesn’t look or feel significantly worse, but when When we see scenes like Nokker’s vicious attack on the village, I wish we’d seen ‘s version gets the filmmaking value the story deserves. Also, I don’t want to complain about hearing “Pink Blood” again for the OP, but recycling a song for a brand new piece feels very…cheap.

I can’t say these are “minor” issues, Exactly, but they certainly don’t negate my overall positive feelings because

back in our lives. I mean, even though I’m mixed in Jananda Arc, I’ll always appreciate an episode that gives us a badass middle-aged Tonari who’s become a master of some kind of wild poison. With Fushi finally embarking on his adventure, I’d love to see what new direction he’s heading next (I’ll keep a handkerchief with me in case I end up crying again at some point along the way).


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