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To You Season 2 – Episode 2

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“Beat Will” is , which unfortunately perfectly demonstrates what can exist between concept and execution huge quality difference. It’s also a shame that it came so early like the second season. Last week’s premiere was of course rough, but I really hope there’s a fresh start to this new chapter of the story needs to get back on track after a lackluster end to its uneven first season. Given where the show is taking us this week, that might be a silly thing to do.

here is Concept , the basic skeleton of the story and theme, “Defeat the Will” gives us: Fushi, had to face him His old friend Tonari was dying, and shortly after their reunion, he had to consider how much pain he would have to endure whenever he allowed himself to be near anyone. When he looks back on all the forms he has taken over the years, he is surprised to find that he can now take the shape of Rean, which means she died before they could meet again. It wasn’t long before the image of Tonari appeared in Fossi, enough to plunge him almost entirely into a kind of hedonistic despair. Hisame eventually succumbed to a Nokker infection in her arm, but as the decades and even centuries passed, her descendants continued their efforts to win Fushi’s affections in vain. However, Fushi is tired of losing everyone he loves. He couldn’t reconcile his desire for company with his fear of losing the last companion he met.

This is pretty good stuff, all things considered arrive! As Fu Shi became more aware and aware of his emotions, not to mention the painful trauma inherent in his existence given the whole immortality, this is exactly the kind of flesh


should be chewed on at this stage of the story. Certain beats contain such raw yet subtle heartbreaks, like Fushi’s wordless reckoning of Rean’s death, showing just how much the anime has the potential to be a masterclass in fantasy drama. However, when the program tries to execute In all of these ideas, the end result isn’t as strong or memorable as it should be.

Production issues are still causing this unrealized potential to split One Factor. Frankly, “Beat Will” looked terrible from start to finish. Characters are often demolded (and don’t somehow indicate any artistic purpose or aesthetic choice), storyboards are all over the place, and the pace of editing still feels rushed and incomplete. Last week, I mentioned that it felt like the scene was playing at 1.5, but I’m no longer speaking in analogy – I’m sure there are some key conversational exchanges, especially between Fushi and the dying Tonari, that were sped up in post-production . If not, it feels of Facts*) This way shows how something important is lost during translation from page to screen.

Also, I think it might be an issue in the source material, I haven’t read it yet. The way that seemingly important characters are dispatched and forgotten so quickly certainly gives the impression that the anime is just flashing through chapters with mercenary cuts left and right. The thing is, it makes perfect sense for the audience’s sense of time, and their insensitivity to the loss of all who came and went during our immortal hero’s long years, twisted and stretched with the rock. There is a version of this story where all these people come and go feels natural, if not exactly

satisfying , then at least appropriate. I just don’t think we’ll see that version of , the feeling we get is very compromised.

I’ll attribute this episode to a sequence though : When Hisame started to continue “sleeping” with Fushi’s baby, I started to fear that the show would do totally I applaud what wasn’t done to these characters last week. Thankfully, it ends up being a truly sweet and thought-provoking moment that reveals just how naive Hisame and Fushi’s approach to the world is. It’s a good piece of character writing that feels very much in line with what this story is trying to accomplish. Sadly, we were only just beginning to get to know Hisame, before she left Fushi’s life for good.

Or that’s the point. Either way, I’m as aimless and frustrated as Fushi after watching this week’s episodes, and while this may be a thematically related note, I’m not at all convinced this is what the show’s creators really wanted place their audience, right now. This is by no means a good sign.


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