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Today's Wordle Answers #418 – August 11, 2022

 Wordle puzzle on smartphone

 Wordle puzzle on smartphone Tada Image/Shutterstock

This week’s Wordle answers are very interesting – they are challenging enough to be fun, but not Let the players feel about the game, and we’re not the only ones who think that way. WordleBot reports that most players need an average of 3.7 guesses to find out today’s answer. Yesterday’s puzzle was a 3.8 of the same difficulty, so it’s clearly been a good week.

There are two vowels in today’s inscription— “E” and “A” – in consecutive positions, without repeating consonants. The first letter is “G,” which rhymes with caffeine. This is our first non-generic Wordle answer in a while; most solutions work as both verbs and nouns, but today’s solutions work only as verbs.

Here’s a hint to help you determine: what the word means Gradually collect something. It was also a practice described in the Hebrew Bible that evolved into the legal right of the less privileged in some Christian kingdoms. In a modern context, it describes the act of discovering something or obtaining information. If you’re still struggling, we’ll show the solution word right below the next image so you can scroll down to find today’s Wordle answer.

The solution is to aggregate

Tada Images/Shutterstock

Today’s Wordle (#418 – August 11, 2022) The answer is clear. Meaning picking up or collecting relics, or gathering information after the reapers. According to Merriam-Webster, the use of the word in both cases existed as early as the 14th century. Thanks to the word today, we have another interesting etymology lesson, which has different roots – first the Middle English “glenen”, which goes back to the Anglo-French “glener”, the French from Late Latin. Borrowed from “glennare”, a word of Celtic origin.

We solved the puzzle in four guesses, starting with guessing the word price, then Glitter with contempt in words. Like yesterday and the day before, if we started with the WordleBot-recommended starter word crane, we might be able to solve the puzzle in fewer tries. Maybe it’s time to admit that omniscient robots are indeed, in fact, omniscient.



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