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Today's Wordle Answers #420 – August 13, 2022

Wordle puzzle on a smartphone

Wordle puzzle on a smartphone FP Creative Stock/Shutterstock

This week started with our Wordle answers a bit difficult, but it looks like the New York Times is working on a weekend prepare. Today’s words are interesting in definition and letter combinations. WordleBot says that most players need 4.6 guesses to solve a puzzle, so it’s definitely a headache.

To help you maintain your winning streak (and bragging rights), we will provide Tips and tricks to help you find today’s vocabulary. We’ll also reveal the answer in full in Part Two, so you can cut to the chase.

Today’s words have only one vowel -U- as the second letter, and ends with the letter Y. It’s synonymous with buffed, shredded, jacked, or ripped, and is commonly used to describe all those things in a person. If these tips help you unravel the answer, great! If not, check out the answer in the next section.

You can add dory to your answer to make a different meaning Wachiwit/Shutterstock

The answer to today’s Wordle puzzle (#420 – August 13, 2022) is “dumb”. This is an adjective that describes a large person, or who is attractive and well-built. Interestingly, it can also be used as a noun, in which case it means a person of Central or Eastern European birth or descent (via Merriam-Webster), although this is an offensive term that is not commonly used.

as a noun, hunky comes from a Hungarian variant of the word, but it comes from an adjective is unknown. When we looked up the root word hunk, we found the etymology class we were looking for, which comes from the Dutch dialect “hunke”, but its meaning is also unknown.

Today we solved the puzzle in five attempts, just like yesterday, although we Go the WordleBot way and start guessing with the word crane. We followed up on words like bloat, price, and skunk before finally getting to hunky.



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