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Todd Oldham Spring 1995 Ready-to-Wear

Spring shows, we do in the fall, so these shows It was at the show in Dallas. I was at the fair one night looking at those tacky airbrush t-shirts, so I befriended an airbrush guy and we wrote all the girls’ names and gave them to them. They wear them on the show and then go home wearing them. Nadja Auermann, Claudia [Schiffer], Stephanie Seymour, we work with so many beautiful girls and we are always grateful for them performing for us.

Like Carla [Bruni, look 59], I did all the work in white, then hand painted those stripes on the back of the fabric, then the dye flowed between the beads and colored. That shirt by Debbie Deitering is woven from this extremely intricate yarn-dyed chenille, and it’s sheer so it has chenille strips and mesh. It’s shorts and a t-shirt, like an ordinary thing, but not an ordinary thing. This is magic. Designers tend to be fairly sophisticated people. We don’t get credit for that because I think fashion can be so stupid and boring and we also sound like clowns when we’re talking about it, but the impact it has on people is very real.



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