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Toei Releases “Passing the Baton” Video Ahead of Soaring Sky!Pretty Cure Premiere

Toei Animation

published an article “Passing the Baton” Message last Sunday from Cure Precious to Cure Sky” video. Toei Animation has been posting similar videos in the past before new series premieres.

In the video above, Cure Precious thanks viewers for staying with her for a full year before introducing her new friend Cure Sky, he explained that the hero eats a proper breakfast every morning.

The last episode airs in January 22.



    soaring! (), this is the () TV animation series , will premiere on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV, TV Asahi and Sunday at 8:00: Morning (Saturday 6 o’clock : 20 pm EST ). It will also air in Japan one week after the TVer service. Crunchyroll will air the series in North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    Skyrocketing! Star:

      Guangen Chapter as Sora Harewataaru/Cure Sky, the Pre Heaven’s Good Medicine Jiajiu true love as Mashiro Nijigaoka/Cure Prism, the PrePhototherapy

    • Ayumu Murase

      as Cure Wing, the first male Precure

    • Aya Nanase Xiang as Cure Butterfly, who recently came of age in

Beautiful Girl Koga Aoi as El

The theme of the new animation is “Sky” and the theme is “Heroes”. The story takes place in two places related to girls: the realm of the heavenly sky and the city of Kongzhitang surrounded by nature. One day, the young princess Al of the Sky Realm was snatched away by a monster from the Underworld Empire. Brave teenage heroine Sora Harewataaru follows the princess into a mysterious cave—and emerges in an alternate world in the city of Sorashido. Sora met Mashiro Nejigaoka, a girl in the second grade of junior high school, and ended up living with Eru at Mashiro’s house.

Koji Ogawa (, Ryunosuke Jinyue (, , ) is in charge Series script, and

  • Atsushi Saitō
  • (, ) is designing characters.

    Miki Imai is the art design, and Aya Tsukuguchi

    is the chief artist.

  • Kumiko Yanagisawa is a chroma key artist.
  • Erika Fukasawa (, assistant) is composing.

  • Ami Ishii performed the opening theme song ” Hirogaru Sky! Precure ~Hero Girls~”, performed by Ishii and Chihaya Yoshitake Ending theme song “Hirogarhythm”.

    640Source: franchise’s YouTube


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