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Tokyo Avengers: Christmas Showdown ‒ Episode 5

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Well, I think it has to happen eventually. Takemichi has gone a long way without making a critical mistake, and even with Chifuyu’s help, there’s only so much one can do to stem the tide of our hero’s bad decisions. This time, however, he may have just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Interestingly, that error Not what he decided to work with Kisaki involved A whole Christmas assassination plot. In fact, Takemichi makes a pretty solid argument for why this is a good idea: Taiju may be the immediate enemy, but stopping Kisaki’s plot is the ultimate goal of the entire story. Working with him is an opportunity to gain his trust or learn vital information that might help them thwart any of his plans. The fact that Kisaki proposed made the whole team skeptical — I’m sure how far this guy Takemichi can throw him — but there’s a compelling risk/reward tension that makes the whole thing very compelling.

Although it turns out that if what he wants is about According to Kisaki’s information, Takemichi can talk to his girlfriend tirelessly. The news that Kisaki is linked to both Takemichi and Hina is surprising, but also makes sense. If Kizaki was obsessed with assassinating the two of them in the future, there must be a motive other than Tommen’s. More relevant, however, is Hina’s insistence that Kisaki is a good boy. Takemichi can’t really believe it, we already know that Kisaki failed by arranging the murder, but this begs the question of what “stopping” Kisaki might have meant in the past. We’ve seen time and time again how the power and violence of the underworld can turn righteous people into their worst selves – could stopping Kisaki include getting him out of that world rather than just foiling his plans?

This is an interesting idea, although not a There is a lot of time for bamboo trails. He’s busy making the biggest mistake of his life, and I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, it’s in Takemichi’s character to make stupid decisions out of a desire to protect Hina, and he certainly has reason to worry that she will become involved in Toman’s violence. So breaking up with her was certainly a believable decision for him. I’m not one to ask characters to make the best or “right” choice in every conflict, and I’m certainly no stranger to seeing Takemichi fumble to solve problems.

On the other hand, Hina is a criminal Underdeveloped characters have a lot of potential, not just people Budo wants to protect (just see she raises her hand so fast!), it’s really frustrating to see her sidelined. Not to mention how Takemichi is repeating past mistakes even though he knows In the previous timeline, breaking up didn’t save Hina. If he really wanted to keep her safe, wouldn’t it be better to, I don’t know, tell her the truth? I’m not even going to tell her it’s from the future – just telling her honestly that she doesn’t want to get involved in all these looming gang wars will go a long way toward showing that Takemichi has some sort of trust in her. Instead, he made a half-assed excuse and punched himself in the face with salsa for it, which he deserved.

Maybe that’s the point, and the storyline will follow Let Takemichi truly trust the one he loves and be honest with her. But now it’s an exasperating step backwards, a tragic, necessary sacrifice of our hero’s that the story was trying to convince me of. I don’t buy it, but at least what makes this episode and story moving is the drama.




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