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Tokyo Avengers voice actors share their favorite moments from Christmas showdown

NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Arc Episode -30.

and The latest season, Christmas Decisive Chapter , is in full swing, four actors come to AnimeJapan 600 talk about their favorite episodes so far.

The show opened with four actors – Yūki Shin (Takemichi Hanagaki),

Shō Karino

(Chifuyu Matsuno), Tasuku Hatanaka (Hakkai Shiba), and Tomokazu Sugita (Taiju Shiba) – Appeared on stage wearing their respective gang uniforms: Shin and Karino of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and Hatanaka and Sugita of the Black Dragon. The colors of BLACK DRAGON’s uniform are red and white — colors commonly used for celebrations in Japan — prompting voice actors to comment that it must be an auspicious day. _3gk7827_3gk7827 From left to right: Yūki Shin (Takemichi Hanagaki), Shō Karino (Chifuyu Matsuno), Tasuku Hatanaka ( Hakkai) Shiba) and Tomokazu Sugita (Taiju Shiba)_3gk7827 Karino commented on Hatanaka’s previous statement that he would never wear the BLACK DRAGON uniform again. This refers to how his character Hakkai wears both the Tokyo Manji Gang and BLACK DRAGON uniforms throughout the story. Hatanaka looked momentarily confused when asked which side he thought he belonged to. In the end, he admitted that he liked both uniforms, and that he decided to wear the Black Dragon uniform now, in case there was never another chance. Sugita also sees the joy of wearing a cool uniform, saying it must be what an idol feels like. _3gk7827_3gk8203_3gk8203

After the four of them were joking around, they started Talk about their favorite

Christmas Showdown Arc

episode so far.

Starting from Sugita, it was an episode for him: “Family ties.” As he explains, it’s a flashback episode , showing some important information on why Taiju, Hakkai and Yuzuha are the way they are. He praised the portrayal of family love in the episode and the twisted way it was presented. Sugita then jokes about how deep Taiki’s voice was when he was a child. Obviously, he didn’t expect that he would also be the voice of Young Tai Chi. _3gk7827_3gk8203

Following Sugita is Hataka . When it was found to be an episode 32 “struggle together”, others commented that this is his very distinctive choice. He focuses on the scene where Yuba is hugged by her mother. Hanaka explained that Yuzuba was the character who suffered the most in the Christmas Decisive Arc . In that scene, she finally showed her love. He also claims that it’s also an important scene from Hakkai’s point of view because it shows that he has to believe he’s protecting her, or he won’t be able to protect his heart. The cast agreed it was a moving scene, and Carino even said he watched it five times in a row after the streaming hiatus.

Karino’s episodes follow, which makes perfect sense from his character’s perspective: Episodes “encouragement Morale.” This is because of the history between the characters Chifuyu and Keisuke Baji. This episode features anime original scenes. Before the recording started, the director apparently told Carino that Baji would appear again to beat Chi Dongyu. Fans will immediately recognize this as normal from their interactions in the Bloody Halloween episode . _3gk7827_3gk8203_3gk8203

Carino indulged too Fan Him, Masaaki Mizunaka (Keisuke Baji) and the behind-the-scenes story between the staff. Chifuyu reacts to the place like a comedian in timing. He tells how he made the same mistake in the scene where Chifuyu and Baji first meet in Bloody Halloween Arc.

Finally, Shin’s choice is also an episode “Struggle together.” Specifically, he enjoyed the moment when Tommen members accepted Hakkai’s weakness moment. This scene also shows the kind growth of Zhu Dao. Hatanaka added some comments stating that he thought the scene must have been from Hakkai’s point of view. Hakkai must want someone who understands him before he can express his true feelings. _3gk7827_3gk8366

Actors discuss more About the upcoming highlights, but as an episode 56 will air the next day in the Kanto region of Japan (Tokyo and surrounding areas), and they can’t reveal too many details.

As the stage show draws to a close, Shin is ready for the now standard greeting. However, because Lin You (Sano Manjiro) did not attend, the honor was given to Hatazhong. The actors all straightened up and greeted them with “Disbandment” as a final greeting. Three others thanked the crowd, and all four bowed at a proper ninety degrees. The Arc Anime400 The show recaps the story of the Christmas Showdown Arc to date. Add to that the cast’s descriptions of the episodes, and I’m sure there will be more episodes that we’ll want to watch five times in a row. 8040

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