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Tokyo Meow New ‒ Episode 11

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This may not be a good sign, even though I know intellectually that Ichigo is the strongest The (or at least the Terminator) I feel like the show doesn’t really prove it. (At least, until she wipes out most of the mantis monsters by the end of the episode.) As Pink, the viewers dub her the title in terms of entertainment, and symbolically she’s the leader. Pink magical girls are often the equivalent of red Super Sentai fighters. (Sailor Moon is one of the few exceptions, although Sailor Moon Chibi Moon is the future leader of her own unit, so it still has a nod to the standard, even if it’s ahead of most.) And we also know that when all five Mew Mews should be stronger when both are present. That’s all the motivation to try to get Zakuro to join them. But again, this is what we know because we were told And due to the conventions of the genre – this is not necessarily what the show is showing in the previous ten episodes. It’s symptomatic of the overall problem: it’s so invested in the conventions of the Magical Girls team that it simply doesn’t take the time to convince us that they apply to this particular Magical Girl show, although it’s more or less work because we do know them, it’s certainly not earned in any way, but be part of the genre.

Leaving that question aside, this is largely The season finale, the fight against whatever comes out of the cocoon. (Or for the cocoon itself – it depends if there is a second pitch How does it feel to be in the final next week.) Pie is there to remind us how slim the Mew Mews chances are at this point as they keep talking about their strength and the percentage of their odds of success , and while that’s a bit on the nose, I can’t say it’s convenient. From the numbers, the situation looks very grim. Part of it may be because the girls are all trying to fight the Chimera Anima and protect those who somehow didn’t stay away from the mystery at the top of Tokyo Tower. As far as the plot goes, it makes sense to have bystanders — and if we’re being honest, it makes more sense in terms of human nature, which tends to make us flock to see something weird and/or dangerous or scary. However, given the amount of press coverage this event has received, it does feel a little odd that the area wasn’t cordoned off by the police. Still, the girls do a great job of keeping the monsters occupied and people safe, even if they don’t have the resources to deal with the imminent danger of Tate, Pai, and Kish or the top of the tower.

While the other girls are fighting, Ichigo is trying to get Know how to become human again and join them. I don’t think we can blame her for not ruining her feline transformation with a dog kiss because the whole situation was just too weird for her. In fact, even more impressively, she figured it out when the other cat kissed her. Now that she knows how the transformation works, it may actually be a real asset, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be human anymore; if the titles of next week’s episodes foreshadow their budding as humans Relationships are doomed, then the cat form could be perfect for scouting and a way to stay close to Aoyama. This also puts Ryo in a relationship (in a physical sense, anyway) with Ichigo, which he’s already figured out and may be planning to use to his advantage.

Is next week’s episode really over at this writing Not sure yet. If so, it would be a shame, if only because the story is clearly not over. But overall I don’t think this has quite live up to its potential Or memories of earlier versions, so if it’s worse, know that you can always go and read the original comics.


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