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Tokyo Meow New ‒ Episode 12

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It’s a good thing that the second season of this show has been announced, because otherwise this would be a Very unfair place to end things. Or should I say the second season is set, because I think most of us saw, or at least hoped, that it was coming; otherwise, things couldn’t have ended satisfactorily. While it’s still not perfectly paced and makes a lot of sometimes puzzling choices, it’s ultimately faithful to the original comic, which is nice to see.

The season finale also fits that title; some moments this week Simple, good to see. The biggest, of course, is the relationship between Aoyama and Ichigo. They’ve been flirting around the idea of ​​dating all season, and while we know their feelings are mutual, neither of them are particularly aware of that fact. For Ichigo, it mostly boils down to basic insecurities – Aoyama is somewhat of a school heartthrob, and throughout their non-dating she felt a bit like an imposter. Part of it was her initial interest in things he liked (though it was resolved quickly), but it was also because she had been hiding her superhero status from him from the moment they started getting close. The nagging feeling that she has been hiding something big also hangs over Qingshan, but fortunately he is not an idiot. He probably didn’t notice her ears and tail popping out (at least, until this episode, when he sure did), but he saw the resemblance between Ichigo and the pink Mew Mew. When she didn’t show up for their concert date, he clearly put it all together – the Tokyo Tower attack, Ichigo’s disappearance, and the cats filmed at the scene of the problem all add up “Ichigo is pink.” He may not be 100% Sure, but he’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, when he covers her head with a handkerchief, looking like he knows but is willing to let her tell him the pace herself. It’s the sweetest gesture we’ve ever seen from him, and it’s really touting their romance.

This is unlikely to go well with Kish or Ryo, but Now that’s not really a concern. While Ichigo’s sudden promotion to the role of leader in battle still isn’t entirely worthwhile, it’s still incredibly satisfying to watch the girls band together to find a way to defeat the giant moth monster. This doubles as Zakuro actively helping Mint, as she prefers to avoid Mint’s crush. And this time it’s Mint who needs a push – her brother’s kind insistence on her studying abroad is really tormenting her, but as someone who gets Mew Aqua and makes it possible to save the day, her head is clear. She realizes that there is more than one way to do things, and understanding that there is no one “right” way is her ultimate driving force behind her worries and choices. This leads to her getting a major power boost from Mew Aqua, which symbolizes her finding her inner strength, which Mew Aqua seems to represent – it’s also what motivates the girls to drop moths with their combined attack.

At the end of the day, that’s why the Mew Mews won: because they found to believe the strength of oneself and each other. Tart, Pie, and Kish may all be working towards the same goal, but it can’t be said that they work together , at least not in the sense that the girls are in the last attack. That’s what makes the Magical Girls team so strong: they find themselves in the whole and use their strengths to create something bigger than themselves. Their battle isn’t over, but now they have the tools to keep going. This will have to stop us until they come back to our screens another day. Score:



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