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Tokyo Meow New ‒ Episode 9

What do you think of Tokyo Meow New Episode 9 ?

Community Rating: 4.3

A horrible wingman is better than no wingman? That’s the deep question raised in this week’s episode, when Ichigo discovers that her life as a high school superhero working in a cafe might get in the way of her love life. In all fairness, she and Aoyama are so unfamiliar with this whole romance that there isn’t much to stop of

, but in some ways it just frustrates both of them. On Aoyama’s side, it’s mostly his fangirls preventing him from talking to Ichigo privately, and while it’s not a great situation, I have to give credit to the show for not turning it into a big deal – no one’s right Germination of Ichigo sent death threats to Aoyama’s relationship, and even to all who realized they were getting in my way, I would turn a blind eye to cruelty at any time.

Also, Aoyama is his own worst enemy at this point , even if that’s just because he hasn’t actually met Kish. (Not officially, anyway.) He is so good so much that it got into his path before he started; he can’t seem to tell anyone he needs to talk to Ichigo in the first place, he just agrees to talk to his senior or whoever. Yes, in some cases, Ichigo was the one who was timid and running away, but in general he seemed to have a harder time getting the ball rolling, and he wasn’t even the one living a double life. But honestly, high school is hard enough without thinking about how to go from “blushing in front of each other” to “dating”, so it’s even more impressive that Ichigo has time to think about it.

So she has other Mew Mews to support her non-existence is a good fun! Or rather, take responsibility for herself to make sure she actually gets to spend a minute alone with her incomplete boyfriend. While their methods may be…special, it’s hard to deny that their hearts are in the right place, especially when Aoyama comes to Café Mew Mew, part of the reason she’s so overwhelmed is that they’re both late for work. It’s not that they didn’t help Ichigo when they finally arrived, it’s just that she had all the tables sorted by that, so having someone else on board might have caused more confusion. Or they’re both kids who prefer to watch things go downhill rather than stand up to a table that Ichigo is dealing with; but in either case, they admit it’s not going well for the former couple . We also can’t say for sure if Ryo was involved in their drag at the desk, as he certainly wasn’t happy to see Ichigo’s reaction to Aoyama walking in the door, although he doesn’t seem ready to do anything at the moment.

Kish, on the other hand, will not sit idly by, which is probably That’s why he is the villain and Ryo is the antagonist. His attacks put Ichigo in an awkward position to turn around until the last minute to avoid revealing her secret identity to Aoyama, and thank the show for not just conveniently knocking him out again. Not only does this prevent head trauma, it also reminds us that Aoyama is a kendo champion and is able to defend against the Chimera Anima to a certain extent. He does still need an Ichigo to save him, but not from monsters, but from things like “drowning” and “choking.” Watching the two of them fight Kish and his chimera is an impressive sight, despite the many scenes limited animation . (There are also some really nice shots of Mew Ichigo on the side.) That gives them more reason to be equal, and since this isn’t a Ryo or Kish deal, it’s also a good argument for the two of them being in an endgame.

It feels a little unresolved when that end comes because the rest ‘s episodes are running out, and Ichigo looks like she’s getting a power version of last week’s lettuce in the next episode. But at least she and Aoyama seem to be in a nice place, so we can be happy about that.




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