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Tokyo Meow past and present

Cheering fans! After a lapse of twenty years, 600 Magical Girl Anime has a new reboot. A fun, new take on the anime that captured our hearts twenty years ago.

© Mia Ikumi / Reiko Yoshida/Pierro

© Mia Ikumi/Reiko Yoshida/Yumeta Company/Graphinica

Adapted from the manga of Yoshida Reiko and Naomi Miya. The series stars Ichigo Momomiya, who has a long-awaited date with her star athlete, and is suddenly shot by a mysterious ray gun that links her DNA to the endangered Iriomote wildcat. DNA fused together.

The DNA of the other four girls merged in a similar fashion, causing them all to eventually find each other as part of a top-secret “new plan”. Five girls pledge to protect the planet under the group name “.”.

Understandably, so much time has passed since the series was first conceived, and Magical Girls Squad has undergone some major changes in this new version of the anime. We’ll take a look at the differences and notable changes between the original hit anime series and the new adaptation currently airing.

Costume design change

It could be. Ichigo and her friends have brand new outfits and hairstyles!

© Mia Ikumi/Reiko Yoshida/Yumeta Company/Graphinica

The Magical Girls crew have some matching accessories for their current super The outfits, with brand new bow ties and jewelry, make them fit differently than the originals (all in their respective color schemes, of course).

The girls also went through bold new hairstyle changes, giving Zakuro a funky ponytail, Mint a cute new bob, and Bu-Ling’s new signature braid​​​ braids and braids. After transforming into a magical girl, her hairstyle has also undergone some changes.

That is to say, the overall structure of each of their magical girl costumes is roughly the same. They’re just given some (literal) extra bells and whistles.


If the universe is known for one thing, it’s the romance subplot. In fact, every major character is known to have a pair. The series’ heroine, Ichigo, naturally gets the lion’s share of her romantic interactions with Masaya Aoyama, Ryo Shirogane, and Kiche (Kish).

As for Masaya, giving us a deeper understanding of his thinking, the inner turmoil behind his motives with Ichigo is rendered more clearly. Even before any new details about him are released, the reboot does allow Masaya to experience more of the internal character development. Masaya has been the soft voice in Ichigo’s life for the first few dates, so it’s interesting to see more of his inner dialogue behind this softness. Some iconic Masaya moments (such as the “You’re My Kitten” cat bell necklace gift) are also re-contextualized and given new meaning.

Ryou’s relationship with Ichigo and Lettuce is detailed in this new series, and he has special moments with each of them. However, some fans have observed that his character is more mature and reserved than the original. Ryou is in some ways a guide to the main cast of Magical Girl, even a leader in some ways, and his abilities, as well as his sarcasm, are still in good shape even after 20 years.

© Mia Ikumi/Reiko Yoshida/Yumeta Company/Graphinica

Quiche’s character development seems to have only begun because he Many of the iconic scenes in the manga were toned down in the reboot, in contrast to his more frenzied behavior in the original anime. That said, Quiche’s personality still shines through his interactions to date.

Also gives new impetus to Mint and Zakuro’s tumultuous relationship in this new series. The rhetoric between them was harsher and softer than in previous First Meeting adaptations, and this reboot adds a new layer of depth to their relationship. Additionally, Lettuce shows us how she sees Mint’s virtues, and a big “I love Zakuro” can be seen in a speech bubble above Mint’s head.

© Mia Ikumi/Reiko Yoshida/Yumeta Company/Graphinica

At the time of writing, the series also There’s no end to airing, so anything could happen in the next few episodes to really shake up all the love triangles, pairings, and complicated friendships.


This one seems obvious, but definitely worth mentioning. Twenty years later, technology has advanced in the outside world, so naturally the setting of the story will be updated (especially since you can fuse animal and human DNA with a giant ray gun.)

In this regard, the addition of smartphones is not just a cosmetic change; it also subtly gives everyone a new understanding of the social environment each girl lives in. Like in episode 2, when Lettuce hurries to deliver pancakes to her group of friends, they coldly exclude her from a few group selfies while she stands awkwardly on the sidelines. . Later in episode 6, after Zakuro officially joined the Magical Girls team, Lettuce herself commemorated the moment for the first time with a group selfie of her five friends. This moment is precious because it incorporates a very modern gesture to show that they are both best friends of lettuce.

© Mia Ikumi/Reiko Yoshida/Yumeta Company/Graphinica

Zakuro himself on social media Famous for her progress in the entertainment industry. Later, the Tokyo Meow Team also exploded on social media and screens across Tokyo after fighting the aliens live on-air, which in turn got Ichigo’s classmates and random civilians hooked on the unreal Tokyo Meow personality.


The original storyline was built on a solid foundation of environmentalism. The central theme of the story is the recognition that we need our conscious help if we want to keep the planet happy and safe.

However, seems to be more enthusiastic in its environmental message, explicitly acknowledging the damage humans are doing to the planet. In the first episode, we get a comprehensive look at why a species is “endangered” and Masaya explicitly says “it’s our fault”. Ichigo also said “I can’t do nothing.”

© Mia Ikumi/Reiko Yoshida/Yumeta Company/Graphinica

Also brings together many Ichigo and Masaya on how Masaya can express his concern for the environment, his compassion for all life forms and his love for animals Learned about the situation and interacted.

grown up

Ichigo is now a high school student! Lettuce and Mint are also high school girls. The three were originally junior high school students.

Pudding is also aged from the original anime and manga. We know she’s still the youngest because she’s been barred from a high school-only audition trying to introduce herself to Zakuro through the competition. In Zakuro’s case, her newer age brings wisdom as she has expanded her resume and started working as a budding icon, while she is mostly known for being a model in all versions of the medium.

Still airing, so there will be more of your favorite nostalgia, and all these brand new additions to the Magical Girls series you know and love. Keep watching and try to discover some updated story elements for yourself!



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