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Tokyo: Rodrigo Sorogoyen's “Fauvism” wins Grand Prix, Best Director, Actor

Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s multi-layered thriller Fauvism Almost Sweeps Tokyo International Movie The festival’s main awards were held in the Japanese capital on Wednesday night. At the awards ceremony in the city’s bustling Ginza district, The Beasts took home top honors at the Tokyo Grand Prix, as well as Sorogoyen’s Best Director and Best Actor awards. Star Dennis Menochet.

A thoughtful psychological thriller set in the Spanish countryside, Fauvism about a cosmopolitan French couple Antoine and Olga (Menochet and actress Marina Foïs), who settle in a small village that wants to connect with nature. Instead, their presence quickly sparked hostility from some locals — and eventually downright violence. The film has been praised for its brutal, even brutal, portrayal of the grueling reality of the majestic Galician countryside.

Tokyo 2022 Film Festival Jury headed by renowned film and theatre director Julie Taymor (adapted for stage The Lion King and her biopic Frida ), with Portuguese director João Pedro Rodriguez ( Die Like a Man ), Korean actor Shin Eun-kyung ( Train to Busan ), Japanese cinematographer Katsumi Yanagisima ( Battle Royale ) and French film historian and documentary writer Marie-Christine de Navaselle

2nd jury special in Tokyo The award goes to the Iranian drama of the absurd, World War III , co-written, directed, produced and edited by Houman Seyyedi. Chosen by Iran as an entry in the 95 Academy Award for Best International Feature Film competition, the film stars Mohsen Tanabandeh as a day laborer who in an accident After the horrific disaster of losing his wife, he finds himself unexpectedly chosen to play Adolf Hitler in a WWII film shot in Iran and set in Germany.

Aline Kuppenheim for her role in Chilean actor-director Manuela Martelli’s period characters study Won the Best Actress Award1976.

Tokyo’s Best Artistic Contribution Award, usually awarded to an individual, but given to the film Peacock Lamentations , Sri Lankan director Sanjeewa Pushpakumara A touching human trafficking drama. The festival’s audience award, voted for by the public film audience, went to Japanese filmmaker Rikya Imaizumi’s offbeat drama By the Window about a man who finds out his wife has betrayed him , Spark is surprisingly complex.

Winning films from the Future of Asia section in the Tokyo Film Festival’s additional program – a competitive advantage, led by a team of up-and-coming Asian directors with no more than three directors Film – Is Iran’s Butterfly Lives for One Day by Mohammadreza Vatandoust.



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