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Tokyopop licenses Never Let Go, a farewell gift for times gone by, 5 more manga


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never-let-go never-let-gonever-let-go

©Sakimoto Saki ShushoTokyopop Announces Tuesday
Anime Expo
said it has licensed seven new comics to imprint LoveLove in its new romance comics. The following comics will be published in 450:

Never let go
Creator: Sakimoto Saki Release Date: January egoist Summary: After running into trouble at his company, the elite Alpha School, Haruto transfers. The new classroom is filled with excitement for the new students, but the student council president, Ya, is the only one who treats him with a sneer.

They have opposite personalities and living environments, but with the conflict between the two, they gradually attract each other. Ya finds herself powerless against Chunren’s alpha pheromone…

never-let-goegoist© cocomi, Kaiosha

title:Give them a farewell gift from time gone by lost-time Creator:
Ke Kemi egoist Release Date: January 16
Introduction: For four years, Naruse has been obsessed with the novelist boyfriend Toi in love. But tired of his frivolity and lack of commitment, Naruse eventually broke away from his relationship.

Or at least, he tries to. Every time they meet Tui, they seem to get entangled and end up sleeping together. They argue, quarrel, and then pangs of regret. Maybe their relationship was doomed. Or maybe, it just needs a new angle…

never-let-goegoist©EMU Soutome Shu Cream

I’ll never fall in love with an egoist! Author: Emu Soutome
Release Date: February Introduction: Aohara is a playboy; Room to rest, especially for someone as high up as he is.

Aohara is ruthlessly courted by a guy named Masaki, and Aohara is frustrated when Masaki insists on taking the top position and making Aohara the bottom. But Masaki is friendly and soft-spoken, making it difficult for Aohara to resist his teasing…

© Tianmu Io, overlapping Title: Cover my scars with your kiss Creator: Tianmu Io
Release Date: March 5th Introduction: Cry Out of One With a broken heart, Seto bumps into the well-dressed businessman Laisu…literally. When Kurusu insists that the two go to his fancy apartment to wash off the coffee stains, and when Kurusu asks Seto why he’s so upset, one thing leads to another.

When the two meet again later, Laisu proposes to him and their arrangement is a little more long-term. Wary of falling in love again so soon, Seto can’t help being attracted to this rich, handsome, kind man…


© Ken Home Run, Futabasha
Title: Heat x Beat: I may be an Omega, but I’m going to be an idol!
Created by Ken Homerunscars Release date: March 16
Synopsis: Asahi just wanted to be an idol when he was cast as a boy He was ecstatic when he joined the newest member of the band B-Marks. Except for one small detail; Asahi is an omega and one of the other members, Madoka, is an alpha. Asahi insists on not mating to remain loyal to her fanbase, agreeing to a “friend with benefits” arrangement to appease their hormonal urges without commitment. At least, that’s what he thought…

never-let-go2-lovers ©Anji Shengna Shushuang
with me Two Lovers Live Together Created by: Angie Senna Release date: March
SUMMARY: Meet Atsushi, an impressionable, bitter struggling musician. One day, Shiki, his barber, asked him, “Why don’t you come and live with me and my friend?”

It seemed like a good idea…at least, until this friend It turned out to be Atsushi’s predecessor, Enraku. They fell in love madly, but it ended in an unhappy ending. Can the three men mend their past feelings together?

©Huida Nanako Shushuang

Title: My love will last till the end of timeCreator: Nanako Haidaegoist Release Date: March 16 Introduction: Hiroto, a college student, has memories of his previous life. He used to be the heir to the throne, but he loved a commoner deeply. Then, one day, their love was mercilessly torn apart.

He was still a child when these memories resurfaced, and since then, Hiroto has been searching the world for his beloved Mika. He swore that this time, they would find happiness together.

Destiny brings them together again, but Mika’s reincarnated Kou has no memory of his previous life…

Tokyopop will also release Ana C. Sánchez’s “Alter Ego 2: Noel & Joan” Comic and Crimson Chains’
Star Crossed Volume 1, February 6.

2024 SOURCE: Email Correspondence never-let-go




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