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Tom Brady came back from 11 days off sounding like a newbie

If anyone in NFL history has missed training camp and preseason, it’s Tom Brady. Even figuring out what Brady stayed to learn was a daunting task in itself. Sure, you could argue that he needs to blend in with his new teammates – but that’s what it is. At this point, everyone else can embrace Brady’s wavelength, not the other way around.

When Brady came back and was on camera for the first time in 11 days, it was like he was a rookie.

Brady, who was often careful to protect his public image and speak with clichés, was defenseless – honest about everything else that happened in his life.

“It’s all personal. Everyone faces a different situation, so we all have very unique challenges. My year 45 years old, man. There’s a lot going on. You just have to understand life as much as you can. It’s an ongoing process.”

Honestly, glad to see Brady talking like that. He is a middle-aged man with a wife and children. It’s okay, he has shit. It’s all the more worrying when athletes like this are completely divorced from their home lives and put their work lives above everything else. Today, everyone is thinking more about their work/life balance and reassessing what is important to them. It might also be tough for Brady, who’s been away so much for the past 20+ years and knows that when he hangs up, he’ll immediately walk into the broadcast, where he’ll continue for years to come. Follow football.

I hope this is an opportunity to hear Brady more candidly. People have speculated about his life for years because when Brady talks publicly, it’s always about football and trying to satisfy everyone at once, not make a splash. In robotics sports, it’s always nice to have someone behaving more like a human. Of course, there is also a crazy theory that he has moved away from football to go to the movies Masked song Wang , from some clips circulating on the Internet, seems to have a little credibility. So maybe trying to play a major role on a reality show is the “shit” Brady is dealing with.

The truth is that unless he takes off his mask in a few weeks and reveals that he’s singing on the show, he’s probably never going to get information about The answer to why Brady left the Buccaneers. We don’t owe any explanation either, it’s his business – but having said that, I wish Tom was more honest with fans and the media. Football is better for it.



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