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Tom Brown Resort 2024

Thom Browne is going to Paris. He will present his men’s and women’s fashion collections on July 3, kicking off a year-long campaign to mark the 20 anniversary of his business. Continuing his past ready-to-wear show in the City of Lights, which featured a life-size unicorn puppet and MJ Rodriguez in Pose

wearing Aretha Franklin’s “Pink” Cadillac,” the It won’t be a small run. “It’s a great honor to be able to present me in a couture show, and I take it very seriously because we represent American fashion,” he said. “

He has a different agenda for his prepackaged collections, though it wouldn’t be right to say the clothes are more modest or everyday than what he wears on the runway. Although Suits are Browne’s specialty, but he’s by no means a minimalist. It’s safe to say he’s actually more of a minimalist, with a flair for layering and an obsessive attention to sartorial detail.

This came into focus in the opening collection. Strong shoulders, short sleeves (even shorter than usual), an inside-out construction that exposes all the internals of a typical Thom Browne jacket, including The shoulder caps, seams and canvas lining are cut to his preferred weight.

He called this season “a bit of a refresh in terms of all the colors coming into stores right now.” Black, gray and navy opened the scene, but not as strictly as advertised. Some tweeds incorporated horsehair and his signature red, white and blue grosgrain ribbons heavily into the weave, while other, more traditional versions featured pale Woven in blue and muted orange. The silver foil look, which combined padded puffer jackets, tailored jackets and long kilts, was an exception, but that wasn’t the collection’s only highlight. The same shoulder-hugging miniskirt (it’s made of tuxedo construction) was hand-embroidered on shiny black sequin panels.

As for the flying sheep in the lookbook, Browne used his The Hector bag modeled by his miniature wirehaired dachshund is a hit — he says he sells more bags than any other — and he’s expanding the zoo.



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