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Tom Cruise on 'Mission: Impossible 7' finally coming out after pandemic shutdown: 'We dreamed about it'

As the movie was set to hit theaters after multiple underperforming films, Cruise told The Hollywood Reporter that he wanted his film and “all of them to do well at the box office.”

Tom Cruise at the New York Premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning”

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Monday night, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 Premiere in New York, no wearers in the audience Masks, reporters crowded shoulder to shoulder on a long, winding red carpet .

This is a far cry from social distancing requirements at the height of the pandemic, when the seventh “Mission: Impossible” movie is being filmed.

Tom Cruise The lead actor encountered the novel coronavirus in many of his films caused multiple setbacks over the years of filming. Filming was suspended at least five times due to the epidemic , Cruise and writer-director Christopher McQuarrie ended up contracting the disease, and audio of Cruise’s insistence that the crew abide by coronavirus restrictions went viral.

So, with the movie finally set to be released on Wednesday, Cruise told The Hollywood Reporter It was “amazing” that he and the team behind the film were able to overcome these challenges and share the film with audiences on Monday night.

“We talked about it. We dreamed about it. It’s very, very special,” Cruise said. “In Top Gun: Maverick, they kept Pushing the film and pushing it was an ambitious film for [McQuarrie] and I. It was a very challenging film to make, and then it all happened, it was even more challenging. So getting this response…was very, very special.”

Dead Reckoning is in the number of summer workhorses underperforming released after box office, including “The Flash”, “Elements” and Indiana Jones .

Latest Mission: Impossible The title is at the end of June Track to start a North American Franchise Highest Value Million or More, the theater chain may hope it meets or even exceeds those expectations.

But Cruise, an advocate of the big-screen experience, hasn’t put pressure on ticket sales yet.

When asked if he felt pressured by his latest film to do well at the box office, he told THR, “I just want to make the best movies I can and I want them all to do well and I want all the other movies to do well too. “

He added, “I think about the quality and longevity of a film, and I put everything into it. So, really, it’s my job to make the best movie I can. Movies to entertain a certain type of audience.”

Cruise has shared his thoughts on Indiana Jones Passion, Barbie and Oppenheimer , both Open dead reckoning a week after , July 07, said he plans to see all of them in theaters.

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