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Tom Ford Fall 2023 Menswear

“In fashion, I never look back. The moment I turn around and walk on the runway, I’m thinking about what I’m going to do next season. I don’t look back.” Tom Ford (Tom Ford) said so in October

about his book . However, that was the situation at the time. Now that Ford’s sale of his eponymous brand to Estée Lauder for $2.8 billion means he’s thought to be moving on to other pursuits before the end of the 2023 year, he’s re-examining what’s right and proper for him It has been achieved. This series, you suspect, will be the first of a handful that doubles down on Ford’s image, while amplifying it while he continues to be at the helm.

Ford launched his menswear in April 2007, three years after leaving Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, and two years later through a fragrance and eyewear partnership Created its own brand. “I do menswear out of a personal need. I realize that if I want these things and can’t find them, someone else will too.” Ford wanted the tailor-made creativity of Savile Row, but stripped Its rigorous delivery, then absorbed the sensual punch of the new luxury code he pioneered at Gucci.

As conveyed by a member of his team, the line’s 13 inch wide cuffed trousers have pointed lapels and a powerful The shoulder-suit silhouette (BEST LOOK33 ) is complemented by Prince of Wales checks as a concrete reference to Ford’s earliest disruptive assault on slim Dior Homme supremacy. Look 13’s epaulet double-breasted wool cashmere officer’s coat with funnel neck buttons is a nod to Ford’s best-selling men’s and women’s outerwear at Gucci. A caramel cafe racer jacket is also vv TF x GG. Jewel-toned, block-colored silk/organza for both day and evening looks is Ford-esque, a contemporary echo of Savile Row 33’s late color explosion as it is encased in psychedelic swirls The music that changed Carnaby Street, The Beatles soundtrack, came in at No. 3.

The collection also has evolutionary points, especially in terms of production, especially velvet, embossed with crocodiles and swarming denim in the shape of a neatly fitted and dangerously stylish casual jacket cloth. There was also printed crocodile, a fine silk knit with foil, and a small punk mohair sweater embossed with subtle graffiti. An amethyst viscose three-piece jacket, sporty zip and cute tapered trousers combined tailored suiting and blazers into fresh forms that were effectively rich without being kitschy.

As the first date of 2023believing Ford’s farewell tour, the series is filled with highly regarded and coveted trophies – and sets the stage for the upcoming The arrival of women’s clothing opened. He observed in that 2021 chat: “I said in my book that designing menswear is like Vicodin and womenswear is like cocaine, and it’s true. I love designing them, but they’re totally different ’” While Ford still has them on hand, let’s savor stylish recipes for Ford’s intoxicating assortment of flavours.



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