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Tom Ford interviews Rita Wilson about her new album “Now and Forever: Duet”

design Teacher Tom Ford and actor and singer Rita Wilson has been friends since they met at a charity event A few years ago – not just acquaintances, but people on vacation together (according to Ford, friendship at the highest level). Before the release of Wilson’s new album Now and Forever: Duets, , Ford interviewed Wilson about her creative process and what excites her About her latest record. Now and Forever: Duets is a collection of ‘ was sung by Wilson and a series of famous artists. She sang Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away” with Willie Nelson, Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird” with Josh Groban, and more. Below, an intimate conversation between Ford and Wilson.

Tom Ford: I remember very well the night we met. I live in Paris, design for Gucci, but do a pro bono event in Los Angeles for the APLA (Los Angeles AIDS Project). We transformed the Santa Monica airport runway into a giant outdoor nightclub. You walked down the tarmac with me, you were wearing the bronze strapless lamé dress and snakeskin boots I designed that season, and Tom [Hanks] was walking beside you, and I just remember feeling right away with you connect.


Rita Wilson: I’m so happy to be wearing that dress. I still have it. I remember being very comfortable with you and Richard [Barkley]. I can’t Do not Believe you are so unbelievably successful and everything you’re doing at Gucci is in full swing, I keep thinking when he’s been blown away by all this, this event you’re doing, all the success you’ve had and all this media. How could he be so present when surrounded…

Ford: It was a fun night, I had male and female go-go I remember the dancers on the box.

Wilson: Yes, you did it! You gave everyone the Gucci thong! Just another day in life…

Ford: That was for many years Before and after we were just friends. It’s not just friends really… I’ve always thought that there are different levels of friends: friends who have lunch with you, friends who eat with you, and friends who go on vacation with you. These are your true friends and we’ve had so many vacations together!

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