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Tom Hanks' David S. Pumpkins Returns to 'SNL' to Reveal His 'Ibiza' Origins

Tom Hanks David S. Pumpkin on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live .

October host Jack Harlow 30 episode, joining SNL actors Ego Nwodim and Andrew Dismukes through the cell Attractive as Part of the faux fright night Halloween event of the skit.

Just like David S. Pumpkin’s previous appearances, guests are eager to get terrified with the help of some of the most familiar faces in horror. These include Freddie Kruger, Michael Myers, Annabelle the Haunted Doll and Pennywise of It. But hidden within it is Hanks’ bright orange and jubilant fool, who appears time and time again in front of the bewildered trio.

When Dismukes’ character initially asked who he was, of course, Pumpkins replied in his usual way: “I’m David Pumpkins, man.” But when asked about him From what title or franchise, Nwodim asked Pumpinks “what’s the deal” and he offered little – initially.

“Annabelle is a possessed doll. David S. Pumpkins is…” she continued .

“Once a day!” Hanks’ Pumpkin responded.

Shortly after, Nwodim, Harlow and Dismukes see pumpkin again before SNL – this time Kru Grid’s introduction The Halloween icon finally reveals where he came from.

“Where am I from?” he asked his skeleton duo. “Ibiza!” they yelled before Pumpkin asked, “Preguntas?” as the door closed.

“He’s from Spain?” Dismukes responded. “He doesn’t even have an accent!”

Pumpkins debuts on 2016 show and becomes a fan favorite , and returned multiple times to Hanks’ NBC Sketch Show. Bill Gates spoofed the character at one point, and SNL even made an animated short called “The David S. Pumpkins Animated Halloween Special.”




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