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Tom Holland says 'crowded room' 'absolutely broke' him

Tom Holland All in The Crowded Room

Spiderman The actor recently opened up about the balance – or imbalance – of his in Executive Producer and Star in Part 1 of the AppleTV+ Anthology Series .

“This show absolutely blew me away in every way,” Holland told The Hollywood Reporter premieres in New York on Thursday at The Crowded Room. “I just keep my head down. I give it my all, I just do my best.”

His EP colleague Alexandra Milchan says Holland earned the title of producer. He worked on scenes, dialogue, sets and production issues, while starring in the -episode series, where he appeared in nearly every scene.

“Tom is always ready,” Milchan told THR. “Tom cared, Tom gave it his all. … So, I really handed it over to him. He went and opened up his heart and soul. I think you can almost see that on the show His soul. He made us see a purity and an emotional vulnerability. You can’t fake that.”

According to the streamer, The Crowded Room follows Danny Sullivan (Netherlands), a man who was arrested in his 28 After being involved in the New York City shooting. Through a series of interviews with Rhea Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried), Danny’s life story begins to unfold, revealing the elements of the mysterious past.

For the actor, the challenge of playing such a complex character who was “so misunderstood” was what drew him to the role in the first place. Danny was loosely modeled after the real-life Billy Milligan, the first person to be acquitted of a charge of dissociative identity disorder.

“We’re definitely telling a novel,” Holland explained. “That said, a lot of research was done to bring this show to life: reading the book, watching documentaries, watching movies, talking to experts. It was very important to us to tell this story in an authentic and sensitive way.”

Cherry star said the cast and crew had psychologists on set to keep them under control and make sure they did did the right thing.

Seyfried’s character is based on writer and EP Akiva Goldman’s mother, who said she admired Rya in The Crowded Room.

“As a professor in the 28 years, the men kept trying to bury her, put her Get out of the way, she just won’t take it,” the The Dropout

star told THR. “I always wish I could absorb that confidence when playing a character like this.”

She also shared about her relationship with the character , the character tries to juggle her passion for work with the guilt she feels for not being home.

“It’s amazing. I love her voice, I love the way she asks questions, how sensitive she is to certain people, and how empathetic she is, said Seyfried. “It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. Playing her is a talent.”

Emmy Rossum, who plays young Danny’s mother, Candy, echoes Holland’s vision of the character the show is taxing.

“I think the characters in the story ask us to go to very challenging, dark, exciting places, and have the same fearless, vulnerable scenes Partner,” she told THR. “It was nice to walk to the edge with them, still holding hands.”

The Crowded Room First three episodes on Apple TV+ on June 9th, then weekly until end of July 10 .



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