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Tomo-chan is a girl! ‒ Episode 10

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I really didn’t expect more from Tomo-chan Flashback because I think we’ve learned everything we need. However, I like how this episode economically covers any loose threads that may have existed before. Obviously, it’s pure feelings that matter most, but I wanted to focus on Mi Rin because I think I finally know the source of her guilt. Misuzu loves Tomo and considers her a close friend. Considering we never see her interact with anyone else, I get the impression that Tomo might be her only friend. However, when they were kids, Meiling realized that keeping up with Tomo’s aggressive physical activities became more difficult as they got older, as Meiling wasn’t suited for that kind of thing. Things may look good now, but I think Misuzu is guilty of leading Tomo in a more casual and girly direction because it makes things easier for Misuzu. Now you can say that Misuzu’s suggestion did help Jun see Tomo as a more romantic interest, but the purpose doesn’t justify the deception. She’s selfishly trying to get something out of the situation, and it’s not fair to Tomo for being dishonest. This is interesting Misuzu in front He Run is when they dated in middle school. While I like how the show suggests they might have a chance to work out together as a couple (part of me wants to see an alternate reality), I like how these two are more alike than they think they are. Jun and Misuzu only dated because he Looking for an excuse to approach Tomo after he’d embarrassed them both. Misuzu used Jun to get close to Tomo without directly participating in those physical activities. I like how Misuzu feels like she has control over the whole situation when in reality she can’t control anything, she can’t stand it. Jun tries to end things amicably, but because Misuzu feels like she’s lost to Jun, she always has the urge to get revenge on him, which probably explains why their relationship is so exhausted right now.

Speaking of winning or losing, it seems Jun Finally got what he wanted, even though it might not be what he expected. Jun says that until he beats her in some kind of fight, he can’t see Tomo as anyone else because he still sees her as the aggressive little boy who pulled him out of the house. While I do think it’s a little cheap for Tomo to declare Jun the winner because of the marathon situation, sooner or later we’ll have to cross that point before the show ends. Jun may not like the way things are going, but that’s what this episode is about. People think so much about how they are perceived by others that they forget to only enjoy the company of people they like. Misuzu thinks she has to be as healthy as Tomo to be her friend, while Jun thinks he needs to stay away from Tomo so she can be happy. But none of them actually asked Tomo what she wanted in all this. However, now that both of these situations have been resolved, Jun has no excuses. It’s time for him to put on those romantic shots and look at Tomo, and see how charming she has been all along.

(PS I don’t really know Why did they change but this week’s end credits sung by the three main boys is absolutely adorable and I hope they keep it up for the rest of the season)


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