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Tomo-chan is a girl! ‒ Episode 13

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My crops are watered and my heart is full. Even though this episode is basically the epilogue to the series, there are still a few things to explore. Each has their own character arc, so there’s nothing to do but see the main relationship blossom. The underlying plot of Tomo’s father randomly blocking the progress of these two in their relationship at the last moment feels a little unnecessary, but I’d be lying if I said that the build-up before the end of the episode left me unsatisfied.

Probably my favorite part of this episode is The first third, when Jun and Tomo are just going out on a date, Tomo starts obsessing over the idea of ​​trying to rattle Jun because after his character arc, he just falls in love with Tomo in such a big way. I like how this ties into the overall climax of her kissing Jun at the end because it shows that there is still competition in their relationship. This time, the rivalry will just show up as them trying to get over each other’s flutter or outdo each other’s romance, and honestly, it’s probably one of the healthier forms of rivalry you can have in any relationship because it’s all To find new ways to express how you feel. Also, the visual gag of the rocket launch in Jun’s head is probably one of my favorite moments in the entire series. I laughed so hard.

As for Tomo’s dad, honestly, I There are some distracting feelings about it, as it almost feels unnecessary. If you were to introduce one more obstacle for these two, the one that Jun and Tomo tackle together would be nice. For a show that seems to be playing rope skipping with the idea of ​​femininity and gender roles, I think teamwork is where we end up, especially after Misuzu said whether or not Tomo would really stand by and let two men decide hers life trajectory. I feel like I’m missing something, maybe cutting something from the original manga. I feel like there should be more background on what the father actually did, but since that’s over and because the show did leave me with a lot of warm fuzzy feelings, I ended up being a little more tolerant of it. In the past Tomo-chan may not have been my favorite rom-com in a few years, but it sure had a lot of shining moments, with some real surprises and laughs. The fact that it includes everything in this nifty package is also a bonus and allows me to easily recommend it to others.




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