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Tomo-chan is a girl! ‒ Episode 7

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Tomo-chan Is a girl! ?

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So this episode does three things: it proves my theory from last week correct, it provides the best laughs of the entire show so far, and it explicitly claims that this is A turning point in the relationship between our two main characters. The first half was just a flashback told from Jun’s perspective, giving us the insight I’ve been craving since the show started. Jun seems to have developed feelings for Tomo from an early age, maybe before he realized she wasn’t a boy. However, he is ashamed of his weakness, which drives him to train himself to beat Tomo out of pride. Again, a lot of what happened in the first half of this episode was something I already guessed last week, but it made me wonder what exactly Jun thought needed to happen to satisfy him. Also, I wonder what Jun will think after defeating Tomo.

Then we had a great time at the beach , I can’t lie, I laughed a lot in the second half, from Misuzu’s tired attitude to Jun’s internal screaming because he couldn’t handle being around big boobs. I liked how this episode was handled differently than the skirt part earlier in the show when Jun was awkward but also barely dealt with what was going on. He seems too traumatized here to ignore everything. The question is, what happens next? Will there be more episodes where things are seen from Jun’s point of view? When will Tomo and Jun finally start to agree?




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