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Tomo-chan is a girl! – Episode 8

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Tomo-chan Is a girl! ?

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Wow, there’s a lot to unpack here. Jun seems to be one step closer to admitting that he’s in love with Tomo. He admits he was delighted when she asked him out, and he began to accept her apology and vulnerability more. He even admitted that he didn’t think he could get into a physical altercation with her. The show also returns and finally does what I’ve begged it to do from the beginning, and shows us Jun’s take on the confessional scene that started the entire show. Joon denies their relationship so much that he sees the confession as nothing more than an affirmation of friendship. Would things be different if Tomo confessed to Jun now? Or is there some truth to what Tomo said too late in this episode? Ironically, both characters reach a point where they’ve been chasing something specific about the other, and now they’re starting to question whether that’s what they’ve always wanted.

Previous episodes Tomo-chan spent a lot of time digging into these views and those Struggling with inferiority complex, I don’t think we get much from other characters. I was surprised, but not disappointed at all. It turns out that Mei Ling feels very guilty about helping Tomo and doesn’t consider herself a good person. It seems like Misuzu’s idea is to make Tomo more effeminate, to make sure Jun doesn’t just see her as one of the men. The show does a good job at the beginning of why the characters feel the need to do this, but Meiling admits she may have ulterior motives in making the suggestion. She loves spending time with Tomo and is eager to do girly activities with her. So while I think Misuzu does want Tomo and Jun to be happy together, she also feels like she’s being dishonest about everything. This might explain why she also keeps people like Carol at arm’s length, because she doesn’t think anyone should approach her just because she’s such a bad person. Clearly, Carol doesn’t believe this nonsense, and is even more disturbed that Misuzu is trying to keep her distance.

My favorite running gag on this show One is Carol’s ability to do everything with a deadpan face. It doesn’t matter if she is blaming Mei Ling or teasing a man in the middle of the road. Will the show delve more deeply into Carol and Misuzu’s relationship at one point? If so, I hope it’s not framed as a replacement for Tomo. But this is hands down one of my favorite episodes so far, and I’m really curious about the setup we’ll take next!




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